Stupid is as stupid does


That’s one small backward step for man. One giant backward step for women. What a foreign concept that some women might be smarter than men? Surely pursuing best in class healthcare means striving to grade students based on merit. Not so in Japan. The Tokyo Medical University was found to have deliberately marked down women in entrance exams to limit their numbers.

The scandal broke during an investigation into the admission of a ministry official’s son, who essentially bought his way in. He was given 20 extra points after failing the exam multiple times so he could pass. What a proud moment to know one has to buy influence to make up for a lack of ability.

It has been revealed that the share of female doctors passing Japan’s national medical exam has remained at about 30% for the last two decades.

Sadly class actions don’t produce much other than a token slap on the wrist. Of course all Japanese women just want to marry, become housewives and raise kids for their salarymen husbands. None should have ambition other than to serve their men. No wonder maid cafes do so well in Japan  – the girls say, “yes, my master!” in order to allow men with inferiority complexes to have fantasies of being dominant.

Germans celebrating the Dutch election result are kidding themselves


Fact. Geert Wilders’ PVV did worse than polls (then again how much faith can you put in their accuracy these days) suggested but still won far more seats (19, but below the peak of 24) than the previous election (15) amidst the highest voter turnout in over 30 years. Somehow this was a rout? The media naturally went into group think mode lambasting the platinum haired demagogue. The German Foreign Ministry followed up tweeting “The Dutch have rejected the anti-European populist. Good for that. We need you for a strong Europe in 2017.”  In what way have the people rejected Wilders? Rutte’s party lost a quarter of the seats they held. The Labour Party imploded. The Green-Left Trudeau wannabe was a large winner. Which part of selective journalism did I miss? If anything the German Foreign Ministry just exposed how afraid it is of the instability (which it is indeed a major factor) within Europe. Moreover, the Dutch are speaking for the Dutch not the Deutsche. In fact the Dutch have experienced the foreign policies of the Deutsche in the past and they would play absolutely zero part in their decision making process.

Here is the full breakdown of the 13 parties that will comprise the new Dutch parliament:

VVD (Liberal Party, Prime Minister Mark Rutte) 31 seats vs 41 seats in 2012 elections (24% DOWN)

PvdA (Labor Party, Lodewijk Asscher)  9 seats vs 38 seats in 2012 elections. The party is current government partner with Liberal Party (75% DOWN)

PVV (Freedom Party, Geert Wilders) 19 seats vs 15 seats in 2012 elections (27% UP)

SP (Socialist Party, Emile Roemer)  14 seats vs 15 seats in 2012 elections (7% DOWN)

CDA (Christian Democrats, Sybrand Buma) 19 seats, vs 13 seats in 2012 elections (46% UP)

D66 (Democrats 66, Alexander Pechtold) 19 seats vs 12 seats in 2012 elections (58% UP)

CU (Christian Union, Gert-Jan Segers) 6 seats vs 5 seats in 2012 elections (20% UP)

GL (Green Party, Jesse Klaver) 16 seats vs 4 seats in 2012 elections (400% UP)

SGP (Reformed Party, Kees van der Staaij) recieves 3 seats (NEW)

PvdD (Party for the Animals, Marianne Thieme) recieves 5 seats (NEW)

50+ (50 Plus Party, Henk Krol) recieves 4 seats (NEW)

Denk recieves 3 seats (NEW)

Forum for Democracy gets 2 seats (NEW)

5 parties that had no seats in the 2012 parliament took 17 this time. The average time to form a government in Holland is 75 days. Now that the combinations to form a government become even more complex because Rutte and Asscher suffered huge blows means that may take longer. A minimum of 4 parties is required.

So here is Germany celebrating more political gridlock and compromise, the last thing that any voter wants. As written prior to the election, the PVV was never likely to form a government because most of the other parties vowed to spurn it. Wilders had to win at least 70 seats on his own and hope on a few other’s to take the PM’s role. An unlikely feat.

The extrapolations are that this is likely to dent Marine Le Pen’s chances in the French Presidential elections. The parallels are farcical. Brexit showed that the Brits wanted nothing more to do with the EU, the Italians turned a referendum into a choice to boot out PM Renzi to usher change in favour of Italexit and we don’t even have to mention the Greeks. Yet the Germans and EU officialdom think that this is a precious victory and vote of confidence in the EU.

The idea that PVV was a party for racists and bigoted whites, note that 14% of Dutch-Surinamese voted for Wilders. The majority of them like PvDA but still it puts paid the notion that Wilders was running on the campaign outlined by the biased media. Most Hindus in The Hague voted PVV ostensibly because of its anti-Islam ticket, DENK garnered a lion’s share of Turkish and Moroccan immigrant votes because it opposed PVV.

The most important sign from the Dutch elections is that people stepped up to vote in greater numbers. What we got was even more fragmented politics when some of the silent majority that has stayed on the sidelines stepped up. German politicians should think far more deeply about what might happen if angry Germans who have seen their leaders turn their country turned into a doormat decide to show up at the polling booths.

The Dutch have not had the type of terrorist incidents that have afflicted France and Germany. It is on another level. Having said that, even if Le Pen is defeated there can be no doubt that her success has to date been nothing short of stellar. So much so that the EU, responding to a request from the French judiciary, caused EU MEPs in the legal affairs committee to vote to lift her immunity. How stupid do they take the citizens of the members states for? That she NOW risks being prosecuted for posting pictures of ISIS beheadings in 2015, something that provides proof as to why she pushes the platform she does. If it was such a terrible crime why did they choose to do nothing at the time (i.e. 2015) ? Could it be they finally see her taking the French presidency and with that her anti-EU stance.

In summary there is an irony with regards to the EU and Germany celebrating this way about the Dutch election. It shows they have learnt nothing. Even worse is they fail to see that Europe’s history has always been fractured by cultural, language and nationalist lines.  No different over 100s of years. The idea of one Europe is an impossibility. The attitudes of those who believe in the pipe dream like the German Foreign Ministry are exactly the reason the EU will fail – the Dutch result is signal that the supranational body has to rapidly reform to prevent its implosion. Yet they continue to be a ship of fools. The Dutch are with themselves.

The Dirt Locker


“The Dirt Locker” is probably the most apt title for this election and especially  tonight’s debate. It was a case of who could dig more dirt on who? Trump was clearly the underdog so soon after the “tapes” were released but he managed to stay relatively mild mannered (wished he didn’t sniff into the mic so much) and Clinton never really capitalized. This time he didn’t hold back. HRC always speaks more eloquently but Trump had her on the ropes a lot. When throwing mud it only really works if there is nothing for your opposition to dish on you.

No one in their right mind with any sense of civility would condone Trump’s vulgarity in that tape. Interesting that NBC released it when it did in 2016 and not 2005. None-the-less Trump turned the world’s must unbelievable “no one respects women more than I do” apology into her record defending her husband Bill Clinton (his face went white) and his actual mistreatment of women where she had no real comeback. He also talked of a 12yo girl that HRC had laughed at despite being raped. It is hardly the last focal point of the debate for most Americans but the double standard was obvious.

Trump’s biggest hits were:

1) to promise a special inquiry on her scandals, post-subpoena email deletions and shenanigans over the years if he became POTUS. I think many would have rooted for that and the crowd erupted in cheer and laughed when he said “because you’d be in jail!”

2) why hasn’t she used her own multi-millions to help fund her campaign like he had?

3) he happily admitted he used legal loopholes on his taxes that she never voted down because most of her foundation benefactors use the same scheme so shut down that argument.

All Trump had to do was draw at worst and he did that pretty comfortably. The sad part for Clinton was he was rehearsed and she played his game. He raised every reason to despise her – deleting  emails after a subpoena, ignoring 600 requests pleading for help in Benghazi, Bill’s treatment of women and how she is just 4 more years of the same stuff. She never landed a stiff uppercut and her eyes showed it again and putting on a cheesy grin never helped

Clinton will always win a debate on delivery but Trump was himself. Totally self absorbed and full of hyperbole but Trump. Clinton did better than debate 1 but she failed to show authenticity and that is one of the main reasons she isn’t streaking away with what should be an unlosable election.

She made some good points with more authority but nothing to really decisively put Trump out of his misery. Her best comment was actually to praise Trump’s kids because she sounded convincing even if that suggested he raised them right. Yes she is a fighter but she’ll need to hit it out of the park if she is to decisively win on Nov 8 and the third debate hosted by Fox.

People are sick and tired of this election campaign. The main issues really weren’t discussed. The economy is dying yet the debate moderators focused on zeitgeist rather than reality. Paul Ryan was booed this week for (understandably) taking the politically correct option to drop support of Trump. That is the mood  – people sick of politics.

Saving for something so obscene to be released on Trump he is not out of this election by a long shot. Growing poverty which I’ve argued from the beginning is most at stake. If you’ve been brushed aside for decades because no one in the establishment is listening to your pleas, you’re likely to want change from that at almost any cost. If you are struggling to feed your family because you’re working 3 jobs and the guy that’s a chauvinistic pig offers you hope to get you out of that situation, the choice isn’t hard.

Argue all you like about the reason why a 30 year career politician hasn’t thumped Trump and you only need to know one truth. A growing number of the population is fed up with career politicians.

Await another round of The Dirt Locker. Surely Wikileaks will uncover more IEDs.

If Japanese women get so many golds @ Olympics why wont corporates see their true value?


I love reading non mainstream press. To get a feel of how locals consume their news. This is an article in the Niigata Nippo talking about how 47.4% of Japanese housewives with high school kids want to have proper full time jobs but only 8.7% have them.

Only 10% want to remain housewives but 52% stay so. It is a conundrum the government faces. It wants to encourage more women into the workforce to offset the declining legions of salarymen retiring but if companies don’t want to take on FT workers because of the extra costs associated with doing so this will be hard to achieve.

Around 60% of the total female workforce is part time. Please see page 17 of this report.

The way to get more women back into the workforce is a simpler affair. Japanese companies must shed the decades of rusted on biases. Many companies hired smart girls from the best universities to turn them into tea servers for less qualified men. Companies had internal dating services (something that Western companies wouldn’t dare to do given the risk of lawsuits) with the hope they’d marry their salaryman boyfriends, quit and become a housewife so hubbies would become enslaved to  80 hour weeks for their paymasters.

Until Japanese politicians free up labour laws to make it easier to hire and fire this won’t change. Laws still favour employees and this makes it harder to fire full timers.

Still the underutilization of intelligent, educated and smart women is an attitude issue. Now that we have a female Tokyo Governor who is likely to smash out of the park perhaps the old guard will see that women in Japan aren’t dainty little creatures that walk three steps behind the men. This has nothing to do with gender balance but plain common sense. Just think of all the golds Japan’s women won in judo and wrestling. They’re tough as nails under the surface. I guess they’d have to be to put up being second class citizens for so long.