Victorian government wants to take control of parenting


It shouldn’t surprise coming from the Marxist Victorian government but the idea for girls as young as 11 to get access to the contraceptive pill without consent from the parents is plain irresponsible. Most parents worry about their kids. What they eat and what they put in their bodies. It isn’t they turn a blind eye to their kids potentially engaging in underage intercourse. Some kids may only want it to reduce pain during their menstrual cycle but to have a government provide a service which deliberately allows kids to bypass parental approval is downright wrong. Why does the state have a role giving kids who clearly aren’t of a sufficient mental maturity to fully comprehend what they are taking and then enable them to hide it from their guardians? It is hard enough tying to get kids to listen and become model citizens.

Allowing the government to effectively endorse actions that effectively suggest to kids they don’t need their parents consent opens a whole new can of worms about disobedience.

Why not just give kids the vote at age 11 if they’re of sufficient mental faculty, pay their taxes and contribute to society?

On the bright side at least it isn’t as bad as Bill  89 in Ottawa which allows the state to take custody of children from parents who don’t accept their kids gender identity.

4 things that struck me including lightning that attacked the wrong Bolt


4 things struck me this week about the depths we are allowing our society to plunge to. Reading much of the social media feeds it seems more people are prepared to defend the indefensible. That people are happy for the state to put forward bills that take away more freedoms, some who complain at the correct application of asylum policy and some willing to resort to physical violence on those who merely express free speech because they can’t win the debate in the marketplace for open debate.

1) All week we have been subject to the news in the aftermath of the London terror attack. If anything the tide seems to be shifting toward those that are wanting a more heavy handed response. The argument that the majority are peaceful Muslims is a reason to go soft on the violent minority is preposterous. Yet politicians including Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten, think words like “Islamic” are mutually exclusive alongside “extremist” or “terrorist.”

Whether one wants to debate the Quran verse for verse to justify separating these words is irrelevant. When such people scream in crazed tones about “Allah” as they carry out their evil deeds their interpretation is crystal clear. Some truly think that we win acceptance from those supporting caliphates by denying our own identity. Why give up on our culture for those beings who have no interests in enjoying the freedoms we provide much less reciprocating our kindness? Moreover the fate of most jihadists is generally so short they aren’t around long enough to benefit from our weakness.

It’s getting ever more ridiculous too. Countries  like Canada passed M-103 to ban Islamophobia forgoing every opportunity to include other religions by name. Germany now fines people who express concerns on social media over such Islamic extremism. Who could forget the cover up on rapes and sexual assault in Cologne on New Years Eve in 2016? Instead of taking a zero tolerance approach to the problem, honest citizens are gagged and threatened for raising a concerned voice because it is politically more acceptable.

I’ve just been in Victoria where a jihadi, who had terrorist links, murdered someone while on parole the other day. He died in the encounter. Instead of the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews admitting fault for allowing him to roam the streets he turned the shortcomings of his own state’s legal decision making process into a blame game on the federal government for not dictating more powers over such rulings using the intelligence of ASIO and the Australian Federal Police. Well he has access to all that information and cooperation from these bodies yet still decided to let a jihadi out in general population. For a Premier that relishes government control over almost everything, how ironic that he tries to pass the buck when it is about subjects that may offend his voter base. Lame.

2) Ontario – how can people sit there and accept a law which allows the government to take children away from parents who refuse to accept their child’s gender identity or expression? Perhaps the parents should be tortured for good measure? If any parent was confronted with such a discussion with their kids most would be very concerned and want to be absolutely sure of the reasons behind such a decision. My kids have changes of mind over what they want for dinner. If dealing with sexual identity or expression most parents would naturally want to investigate the facts of why their child would seek to switch genders. It’s not just common sense but hard on parents too. It’s a serious topic. If we’re going to allow children to be able to overrule their parents on such decisions about their body, why not let them vote or drive at age 9? This is not saying they don’t have a voice. Why not suggest family counseling to help parents and children better understand the situation rather than threaten to snatch their kids for non compliance? Totalitarianism anyone?

Don’t forget that no matter what, parents are legally responsible for their kids. They have the stresses when they are sick, when they break bones in a park, come home late without phoning in, not to mention putting them thru schools, pay down a mortgage and so on. I wonder how many of the Ontario lawmakers are parents themselves?

3) I attended a speech given by the Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton earlier this week. Get Up had decided in its infinite wisdom to protest and try to prevent the forum. Instead of allowing others to express different views they wanted to shut it down in fine totalitarian fashion. Dutton gets a lot of rough treatment in the press although he is one of the few conservatives left in the Liberal Party. It’s a tough portfolio because opinions are so divided. His department cancelling the visas of seven Iranians who claimed asylum on grounds their lives were in danger only to be caught flying back to Iran for holidays. Not only did they deliberately lie to the government authorities and Aussie taxpayers they schemed our highly valued citizenship inappropriately. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity applicants are, we shouldn’t tolerate those scamming the system. We still have 5,000 asylum seekers who refuse to give up their identity or background. They have a deadline this year to do that but most are still refusing. What do they have to hide? Surely they’ve come here as a safe haven and if they’re truly escaping danger their stories should check out. Otherwise one has to assume they’re here illegitimately. Is this the image of a future model citizen? Is citizenship to be given away like confetti or is it a privilege worth cherishing? Yet all we hear is racist, bigot or worse if we raise any objection, sometimes with violent repercussions. The government has fast tracked the visas of 700 Yazidi women who have seen the males in their households murdered in front of them while they’ve been raped and made sex slaves by their medieval ISIS captors. Women from the Dept of Immigration have volunteered to go to these hot zones to accelerate their evacuation. So for all the flak Dutton cops, where are the feminists and progressives applauding such humanitarianism? They only want to focus on the gripes, red tape and protests to hinder the department’s efficiency to process the needy versus the selfish.

4) Which brings up the final strike. Conservative news columnist and TV presenter Andrew Bolt was physically attacked by leftist protesters yesterday for no other reason than to shut him down. Not only did he admirably defend himself in the unprovoked attack several media outlooks tried to turn it against him, suggesting he was a party to it. I’m sorry but what a slur. First, they were protesting his long held beliefs. I can guarantee you wouldn’t find Andrew Bolt initiating violence much less plotting to attend and disrupt a book signing event of a Marxist author. One he fervently believes in  free speech and secondly wouldn’t waste his time going out of his way to attend it. If these bullies of free speech can’t win an argument in the market place of open debate one has to assume their position is fatally weak to begin with. Having to ambush and spray glitter at a person who has completely fair and defendable positions is frankly pathetic. I dare them to ask to go on his show and debate their positions vs his. They would be forced to turn the glitter gun on themselves to hide their embarrassment one would imagine.

Be thankful we have people like Andrew Bolt not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. That stunt yesterday only makes Andrew Bolt look more right. At the same time all they’ve really done is kick an own goal by drawing even more attention to his number one rated blog, editorials, TV and radio programmess while they’ve attracted the attention of the North Melbourne Police.

Get out of jail free in Victoria


You have to wonder whether the Victorian judicial system has been channeling Oscar Wilde’s “every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future”? How they can give Akon Mawien, an 18-yo with supposed links to the Apex Gang and one who pleaded guilty to armed robbery, aggravated burglary and theft to the value of $200,000 a 12-month suspended sentence is beyond me? Judge Liz Gaynor agreed his crimes were appalling but believed Mawien showed good prospects of rehabilitation but thought putting him in an adult prison might lead him to be broken. Judge Gaynor even added “This is a young man of exemplary background (given his mentoring role as a language assistant in the Mother of God school and activity with a local cricket club).”

So provided he is a good boy for 12 months, our court system is happy for such an individual to remain a ‘role model.’ Does Her Honour believe that somehow giving a confessed criminal a suspended sentence somehow sends a message to gang members to see sense and give up their felenous ways? If anything what a wonderful way to show that crime does indeed pay by way of leniency. Do parents at the Mother of God school want their children mixing with someone like this?

Will he serve 100s of hours of menial community service? Will he be required to wear a tag? Will he required to or assist in the return of the $200,000 he helped steal? It would appear that the court may well turn a blind eye.

This smacks of an apologist judicial system. I am sure some others would have had the book thrown at them. Then again when a migrant tried unsuccessfully to set fire to a petrol station the Victorian Police chose to do nothing because he failed, no one was hurt and they couldn’t spare the time.

What world do we live in where the perpetrators are turned into the victims and we end up blaming our shortcomings in society for their failure to assimilate? That is right we punish ourselves and muzzle common sense figuring its easier to jail good citizens for speaking the truth than make examples of people who knowingly break the very laws set to protect society. Madness. If Mawien stole a candy bar I could understand but this is the sentence for armed robbery, aggravated burglary and theft? If he reforms perhaps we should award him an Order of Australia. 2018 Australian of the Year?

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Andrews?


Most people that sign up to a Facebook or Twitter feed do so because they share similar thoughts or values. I noted Daniel Andrews, the Vic Premier, thinks that his followers are endorsements for his ideas and policies. Daniel Andrews champions that he has over 200,000 likes, twice as many as Mike Baird had in New South Wales and the completely worthless boast that “Mike Baird gets no ‘Likes’ after 10pm.” There are 5.8mn Victorians. We cannot even be sure that all 200,000 likes came from Victoria so even if it were true that’s is 3.4% of the Vic population. So 96.6% of the population may not agree with you. Even if we were to use the 14 million people in Australia with Facebook who could ‘Like’ your page, then it’s only 1.4%. Statistically a pathetic number.

The latest ReachTEL poll shows 39% are very dissatisfied with his performance. His heavily socialist Labor Party is not delivering. The poll also revealed that his Party would lose up to 18 seats if an election were held today. It is no surprise. Whether promoting diversity in the police force by offering gender segregation in its recruitment seminars, the sharp uptick in gang violence, the Marxist indoctrination of kids via the Safe Schools programme led by a proclaimed communist Roz Ward who was filmed harassing Trump supporters, the forcing of the volunteer CFA to bend to the will of the Fire Brigade Union and most recently equal gender pedestrian crossing lights etc etc.

Once again the One Nation Party is polling strongly at 12.5% once again showing the Greens irrelevance in politics. For a growing number of Victorians the 2018 election can’t come soon enough especially now the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are now embroiled in an expenses rort.

Equal opportunity crossings


Good to see Victoria continue in its traditions of ramming things down citizens’ throats. They plan to introduce an equal number of female traffic light crossing signs to fix the brazenly sexist imbalance. I have a question, does the average female waiting at the traffic lights feel her rights are severely impinged by looking at a male crossing sign? Why not introduce a set of lights that is only allowed to be crossed by females. Make men walk an extra 2 blocks to cross to remind them of how they’ve oppressed women for decades. Wait a minute, maybe some religions may feel violated to have to cross looking at women. Why not LGBT crossings? The City of Linz in Austria tried to introduce gay traffic lights, even spending 63,000 euros to fight it in court only to be criticized for wasting taxpayers money. One councilor said, “Traffic lights are for traffic and should not be misused to impart advice on how to live your life” 

Andrew Bolt correctly pointed out that perhaps the Committee for Melbourne should address its own gender imbalance before trying to tell everyone else to do the same. It’s board has 7 men and 4 women.

Daniel Andrews’ misguided altruism


Premier Daniel Andrews is launching a program to help first home buyers get on the property ladder in Victoria, the fourth most expensive property market in the world. The scheme, starting on July 1, is expected to benefit first home buyers save $15,535 stamp duty on a $600,000 property. Tax discounts for homes valued between $600,000 and $750,000 will be applied on a sliding scale.

There is only one reason why I think this is a flawed program. Encouraging people to climb  onto an already inflated property ladder may end up costing them way more than $15,535 in lost equity. If Premier Andrews had a better command of economics, he’d know that in Melbourne prices are around 10x income which is higher than just before the GFC at 6.5x. In Sydney housing prices are 12x income. In 2007 they were 7x income. This is simply unsustainable.

As I wrote yesterday, the extent of people who are in mortgage stress (30% or more of salary on mortgage) or ‘severe stress’ (missed a mortgage payment) is shockingly bad. Victoria has 25% of its mortgage borrowers in this position. Given first home buyers are likely to be at the lower end of the income generation spectrum, one would imagine encouraging them to buy in toward the top of a bubble seems misguided. By Digital Finance Analytics own study, if rates increased 3%, Victoria would rank 3rd worst state for stress/severe stress at 42.5%, 16% 0f which would be severe. We already have examples of property markets going wrong in Australia.


Take the mining town of Gladstone. In the last three years housing prices have plummeted 52%. Over 10% of the property is up for sale not to reap a nice return but cut losses. It is a completely different dynamic. Average rental prices per week have dropped from $320/week to $150/week as mining activity leaves high vacancy rates. Real estate agents there have been talking up the market saying panic wouldn’t ensue if landlords weren’t flicking the chicken switch. Talk about defending a lost cause.

Or should we just thank Daniel Andrews for picking the top of the property market in Victoria? Perhaps letting natural market forces come to play will mean first home buyers who save up, be patient and wait to enter at more affordable prices after a sizable correction may will be only too happy to pay stamp duty on a substantially discounted house.


Victorian “Police Academy” is a bigger joke than the movie series in the 1980s.


While it is totally understandable that the Daniel Andrews government shoves diversity down Victorian’s throats, how far will he sell out the to make them adjust to force others fit in. That somehow practicing segregation in police recruiting seminars is the blueprint to reach nirvana in terms of diversity, open mindedness and the type of multi-cultural society we should strive for. Yet the Victorian Police are being hire 3,000 new police officers at a cost of $2bn to the taxpayer. If they truly wanted to teach the virtues of diversity why don’t they just have a come one come all seminar which didn’t base it on gender, religious or sexual orientation.

Victoria has a large crime problem. As Miranda Devine pointed out,

“The plan to stem soaring crime rates in Victoria (up 12.4%YoY) from Premier Daniel Andrews and his hapless Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton was to recruit 3000 new police officers at the cost to taxpayers of an extra $2 billion, even though Victoria already has more police per capita than NSW, which boasts its lowest crime rate in 25 years… Violent home invasions, car-jackings, and a record crime rate are the lot of long-suffering Victorians, under the yoke of the country’s most socialist state government.

But you would think after the Bourke Street massacre that Victoria’s politically correct police force would have learnt the lesson that protecting the community requires actual action to fight crime, not just monitoring the situation from afar or holding inquiries after the fact and inventing new bureaucratic handcuffs on your own frontline police.

…The rostering implications alone are a nightmare if there are intolerant African male police officers who refuse to share a shift with a mere female…”

I am betting the crime rate won’t improve with this type of recruitment practice. I will be the least bit surprised if there is a push to have minimum quotas on ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious background over actual suitable qualifications like strength, fitness and drive.

When the Victorian Police failed to follow up on a report of a young migrant male trying to set fire to a petrol station because they were too short staffed to take a statement you know there is little hope. When questioned the police replied that no one was hurt and no one pressed a complaint. Then you wonder why crime is like it is – the simple risk/reward trade off of being caught are so low that it makes economic sense.

Sadly, I thought Police Academy comedy series finished in the 1990s. If only Daniel Andrews could hire Mahoney, Hightower, Sweetchuck, Hooks and Tackleberry to fix the crime rate.