Who said it?


Trump’s tweets on the comparative size of nuke buttons or his supposed genius are juvenile and arrogant. While hardly surprising it detracts from some of the more important things he is actually doing for the greater good.

While not talking of two wrongs making a right it is also unsurprising that the mainstream media overlooked this in terms of arrogance:

I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.” — Senator Barack Obama

Always important to call out for balance when one’s own side is also in the wrong. How they are all fawning for Oprah 2020

WaPo writer channels Kathy Griffin


What on earth inspires people to write such things after the shooting at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia? How does someone who tweets such vile and thoughtless texts ever pass the editorial sniff test of a newspaper like WaPo where Malcolm Harris is an occasional writer? Will we see an apology via a televised press conference where Harris will claim it was comedy and that now his life is ruined?

I note that WaPo is using “Democracy dies in darkness” on its banner – perhaps it should be “journalistic integrity dies in daylight”.

Obama so quiet Hillary had to Tweet his comments herself

Hillary Tweet

Isn’t it an irony. If Obama was truly supportive of Hillary Clinton she could have re-tweeted his comments “The fact is, Hillary is steady. Hillary is true…That’s how real change and real progress happen.”  but POTUS was too busy writing about NASA so she had to write the endorsement herself. Makes you think that Obama may want to distance himself on Jupiter while this affair gets dragged through the bush backwards.In the Twitter world, real endorsement comes from the Tweeter not the Tweetee.

On the Twitter follower count, which I’ve shown has been a good predictor of election outcomes has Trump up another 140,000 to 9.53mn vs Clinton up 80,000 to 7.25mn since June 29. Obama has 8.8mn for reference.

Trump vs Clinton – Twitter followers & election victories show tight correlation


If Twitter decided elections then Katy Perry should be the first female US President. I did a study a while back which highlighted very tight correlations of Twitter followers and success in elections.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau had just shy of 1,000,000 followers versus around 850,000 for Steven Harper. When we boiled this down to all participants in the election and the vote to follower ratio, R-squared was 90%.

In the UK, David Cameron had 1.25mn followers vs Ed Milliband at 500,000 and that had an R-squared of 93% when comparing to the election result (i.e. seats in parliament).

Switching gears to the Democrat & Republican run-offs, Twitter following to betting odds of getting the nomination back in Nov 2015 . Democrats R-squared was 98.6% and Republicans came in at 91.4%.

So what we can see from the above is that while both Trump and Clinton had similar levels of followers at Nov-2015 stage, Trump has added 2.2 million more followers than Hillary Clinton when looking at latest ‘followers’ . So perhaps people should not be so dismissive of The Donald if his Twitter followers are anything to go by.