WaPo writer channels Kathy Griffin


What on earth inspires people to write such things after the shooting at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia? How does someone who tweets such vile and thoughtless texts ever pass the editorial sniff test of a newspaper like WaPo where Malcolm Harris is an occasional writer? Will we see an apology via a televised press conference where Harris will claim it was comedy and that now his life is ruined?

I note that WaPo is using “Democracy dies in darkness” on its banner – perhaps it should be “journalistic integrity dies in daylight”.

Her Majesty knows best Mayor Khan


Isn’t it funny how the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been gazumped by the Queen. Her Majesty has served her country for over 65 years and ruled over 14 Prime Ministers. Let’s just say her understanding of politics, geopolitics, terrorism and the importance of long term relationships has never got in the way of short term pettiness. The Queen values the American relationship knowing it was their partnership that helped Great Britain defeat the Axis powers in WW2. She never forgets the important times when the relationship has truly mattered. Her extension of an invite to President Trump to Buckingham Palace is all about preserving shared values. Khan wants to cancel Trump’s visit because he is offended by his tweets with regards to his softness on terrorism in his city. Is Trump wrong?

Instead of the Mayor facing Trump tete-a-tete and justifying his stance he seeks to do what many leaders in the West do – sulk and seek to alienate the relationship because of their weakness. What Trump has said about Khan has validity. The President isn’t conventional and he doesn’t necessarily deliver in the most courteous manner but where is the counter argument? Piers Morgan was spot on. Instead of Khan blaming Theresa May for Met Police funding cuts, he humiliated the Mayor querying isn’t his biggest responsibility to ensure the safety of Londoners by monitoring the 400 suspects living in his constituency?

Let’s be clear, if the UK was at war for whatever reason you can be guaranteed the majority of the British want America on their side. The Queen knows this and I’m sure Her Majesty can bring Trump to mutually beneficial discussions rather than exchange pleasantries over tea. All this nonsense about banning Trump and distancing the UK from the US shows the typical “conditional” attitudes our society seems increasingly willing to tolerate. Khan is in that camp.

Let’s be clear. Trump’s America first isn’t all about pure isolationism. A large part is about making sure other nations don’t ride their overwhelming generosity on things like NATO, UN or the Paris Climate Accord. Many presidents to date have happily allowed the country to be gouged on the international stage but now the budget and deficits don’t support endless freebies for other nation states.

Perhaps Mayor Khan should learn from the current monarch about true values rather than  grizzle about his hurt pride. She maybe in her 90s but she is still sharp as a tack.

If Trump is so stupid how come the media keep getting fooled? Now they demand an insurance payout


I used to read Der Spiegel. I even paid for a subscription but eventually the journalism lost its edge. This week’s article calling for Trump’s removal makes my decision sound. Read the following section several times and honestly ask yourself is this journalism? Put aside personal views of the President and objectively look at what the article ‘Donald Trump is a menace to the world’ written by Klaus Brinkbäumer is suggesting, if not demanding.

“He is a man free of morals. As has been demonstrated hundreds of times, he is a liar, a racist and a cheat. I feel ashamed to use these words, as sharp and loud as they are. But if they apply to anyone, they apply to Trump. And one of the media’s tasks is to continue telling things as they are: Trump has to be removed from the White House. Quickly. He is a danger to the world.”

So how would you suggest we do it? No, that is not an option. Should we ignore the democratic process by which he was elected?  Should we ignore the fact that even if he was a ‘liar, a racist and a cheat’ people voted in full knowledge of all of his ‘pussy grabbing antics’? The problem with this type of article is that it ignores reality on so many fronts. As I’ve written many times, if you are not a citizen of a country your input on their citizens’ voting intentions is irrelevant. Essentially what you are pleading for is the same as making a willingly high risk investment in a stock which goes bust then complaining to your broker you were misled and ask for your money back.

Elections are much like stock markets. Your voting intention is akin to investing in your country. In the case of America you had two stocks to choose form. One was the hedge of the other. If you wanted to reinvest in the diminishing returns of the last 40 years you bought Clinton Inc. If you wanted to bet on higher risk with potentially higher high return with a start up you voted for Trump Corp.  The media were slimeball stockbrokers trying to persuade investors (voters) to buy into the safety of Clinton Inc because they knew that the commission pay-off would be larger for them. However investors had enough of struggling through decades of exceptional losses, downgrades, dividend cuts and incompetent CEOs. Even worse they got sick and tired of the shareholder meetings where CEO Obama would talk about how successful his stewardship had been when an increasingly dissatisfied shareholder base kept on checking their statements and questioning the dud investment let alone disapproving of his suggested successor.

Mr Brinkbaumer, your article is exactly the problem with the media. You claim the media’s task is to ‘continue telling things as they are’ but you’ve failed on so many levels so many times that your trust rating is even lower than President Trump which stands in the early 40% range. The problem is that the only insurance you can buy in politics is the opposition. None other exists because the premiums would be too high and the payouts too low.

What your article painfully overlooks is that had the previous mob, who no doubt you think is the solution, was actually the problem. That 40 years of painful neglect led to record numbers on welfare, food stamps and income inequality. The investors knew that backing Clinton Inc, whose entire manifesto spoke to helping the needy that had been neglected by her own party (by deduction including the man she intended to replace), was such a palpable untruth that had the Democrats so brazenly lied in a stock prospectus she would really have been jailed.

After Comey’s decision to testify, my social media feeds lit up like a Christmas tree. I deliberately held back from making any call at the time because there was no evidence other than speculation. Yet social media had already made up its mind – “impeachment! – the orange buffoon is going down!” “The smoking gun!” Of course it turns out that the knee-jerk reaction was proved a falsehood. The media once again let its subjectivity rule the day. Like Rachel Maddow’s scoop on his taxes. She sold it as grounds to get him on tax evasion like Al Capone in The Untouchables. She essentially said “we’ve got the book keeper.” Yet she was gunned down in the elevator by her own leftist journos. You know when the media attacks its own that even it from time to time has flashes of objectivity, albeit too brief because lessons are never learned.

Sadly for the rest of the world, as much as we may despise Trump (he has flaws) and protest at his actions we have absolutely no rights to lynch a democratically elected President much less encourage his downfall. This type of reckless behavior is indeed more disturbing. It essentially says you don’t respect the democratic rights of Americans. What is worse is it the same downright condescending attitude people had during the elections that completely ignored the plight of those that voted for him remains. I remember reading one article suggesting that there be an intelligence test required to have voting rights.  That is totalitarian behaviour if there ever was!

The leftist media continues to forget that the one sure way to help him do another 4 years is to keep up the same broken record dialogue. Indeed in the next 3+ years the Americans will have the opportunity to sack him if indeed they see a better alternative. Trump was always the start-up IPO bet. American voters knew full well he was a risk and they took it. His volatile stock performance is not a big surprise.

Klaus, you conveniently forget that Trump is a by-product of decades of neglect. Had the past four decades of the incumbent political class done a sound enough job he never would have seen the light of day. Instead of putting blame on the causes you simply place it all on him. Instead of some introspection on asking why he is where he is you can’t remove yourself from the group think of attack dogs. That anything he may achieve will be discredited and anything he does wrong will be given full thermonuclear uranium tipped coverage. That my dear friend is shame on you.

It would be nice to see some balance in coverage because if you don’t social media will drag up example after example for you further discrediting your supposed ‘telling things as they are’. We must all remember that digital media has a half-life of infinity. Is it any wonder 25% of the workforce in media has been culled in recent years. It isn’t that advertising revenues are falling it is because you don’t provide enough value for advertisers to warrant posting ads in your publication. Guaranteed if the journalism attracted readers the ad revenue would climb with it.

So once again, the bigger danger to the world is you not him. We should never encourage the overthrow of democratically elected governments because we dislike the outcome. Don’t forget that Clinton had 99% of the mainstream media on her side, leaked debate questions to give her an advantage, a pussy-grabbing video against her opposition and more but still lost. Why? The attitude of expecting a coronation and frankly Hillary Clinton didn’t put in the work.

Suppose no dirt is found on Trump? That constant media mud slinging fails to stick. Evidence surely that maybe he is just a brash, uncouth, narcisstic bully rather than someone that must be removed as a danger to the world. Sure, he doesn’t exactly act in a manner very befitting of the most powerful office in the world but he got there legitimately.  Indeed if he is as unhinged as you imagine surely Pyongyang would be under a mushroom cloud and Assad would be a victim of SEAL Team 6. In fact you might point out that the incredible weakness of his predecessor on foreign policy makes Trump’s more assertive stance a welcoming relief rather than a terrifying prelude to WW3.

Your article is so typical of the snowflake culture. The type of attitude that seeks to ban people from making addresses at universities, once the cradle of free speech. You ignore what you don’t want to hear and pass judgement on those who fail to hear you. Once you learn to listen to others you may find that you come to understand why even people like Van Jones can eventually see why Trump won’t be outed so easily. For indeed if he is as big a fool as everyone makes out the media won’t be needed to point it out. It will be painfully clear and in 2018 Americans will get a trial IPO and 2020 the opportunity to buy or sell stock in Trump Corp.

I should thank you for this article for helping confirm why I didn’t bother renewing my subscription.

Please remain seated (for 8 more years). You earned it

I have made the point countless times that Trump is not a good speaker and even on teleprompter his speechwriters are not much chop either. However more than his words (which were way above expectations), the actions of the disgruntled Democrats who sat through his speech were telling. If there is anything more American than apple pie it is the respect for fallen patriotic heroes. To put one’s hatred of Trump above that of someone that sacrificed so much just guaranteed that the Democrats won’t have a chance in 2020. The length and pride shown  in the standing ovation for Mrs Carryn Owens, widow of the fallen Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens, led even left-wing journalists like Van Jones to say “He became the President of the United States in that moment. Period… That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics period…for people who were hoping he would remain a divisive cartoon which he often finds a way to do they should become a bit worried tonight. Because that thing you just saw him do…if he finds a way to do that over and over again he will be there for 8 years!” 

Of course he invited a mixture of people to make his point about not being divisive. He wasn’t. What he did was bring a level of pride his predecessor failed to do. Whether those who think Trump lacked authenticity or not, take a look at those people who were spoken of and their expressions which would have resonated deeply with the millions watching the speech to Congress tonight. Those expressions could not be faked. I reckon his poll numbers will surge next week.

Image result for carryn owens

What Trump did was talk of American exceptionalism. Whether you believe what he said or question his ability to achieve there is no doubt it was a speech that was way above most people’s expectations. Once again the Democrats jeered with thumbs down putting their identity agenda on full display and showed why they continue to miss the mood of the people. Indeed those dressed in white showed their divisiveness in vivid colour.

Perhaps they might want to look to a Rasmussen Reports poll which said:

“Most voters agree that it’s bad for America and bad for the Democratic Party if Democrats continue to flat out oppose everything President Trump does. Even Democrats are conflicted about their party’s scorched earth policy…The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 29% of all Likely U.S. Voters think it’s better for the country if Democrats oppose the president in every way possible. Sixty-three percent (63%) say it’s better for the country if Democrats try to work with the president instead…Forty-four percent (44%) of Democrats feel it’s better for both the country and their party if they oppose the new president as much as possible. But 46% say it’s better for America if Democrats try to work with Trump, and 45% say it’s better for their party, too.”

So perhaps those seated in recalcitrance should look at the polls and realise their own party faithful want them to work with Trump as opposed to objecting to everything. That means they are waking up to the fact that there are far bigger issues than expressing outrage at KellyAnne Conway’s feet on the sofa or ketchup on the President’s steak. People are fed up with irrelevance. What he did was show why people want their country back and why Making America Great Again was no mere catch-phrase.

Poverty in America +16mn since 2000. +9mn since 2008


Remember the feel good video Obama proudly displayed alongside his White House economics flunky. Poverty had fallen by the fastest rate since the 1960s. What a crowning achievement. While much praise was heaped upon this shift on searching through the St Louis Fed’s FRED stats database, the picture is disturbing. It is actually little to do with partisan politics but a cry from the disaffected to get anything to change their fortunes.

Let’s take a look at Ohio, a key swing state at the election. While Democrats were patting themselves on the back and staring at the huge drop in the unemployment rate…


…poverty was climbing sharply. In fact ever since the tech bubble collapse, the plight of Ohioans has just gotten worse. From 1.1mn in poverty it is now over 1.8mn.


On a national level there is little reason to cheer either. Since the tech bubble collapse America has added 16mn to the poverty queue. 7mn under Bush and another 9mn under Obama. This still remains a monstrous challenge for Trump to fix.


When looking at poverty on a country level America (15%) fairs better than the UK (23%), EU (26%) and Greece (37%). One table that sends chills down my spine is unemployed persons. This trend has been rock solid for almost 70 years. When unemployed persons hit the following line, the US economy tends to head into recession (the grey shaded areas).


With the Fed putting the brakes on low interest rates and the world economy drunk on debt there comes a time for payback. The press can be critical of his appointees and ridicule his executive orders but there is no question as to why he won. He answered the call to the increasingly impoverished people that missed out on the fruits of low interest rates and asset bubbles (incl 20,000 Dow). With more political turmoil awaiting us throughout Europe in the form of elections in France, Holland and Italy we are staring down the barrel of high risk geopolitical stakes.

We better hope he makes America great again with his policies of deregulation and downsizing government. The more the media and shocked liberals protest, loot, pillage and divide the more they trigger exactly what they do not want. For those calling for his impeachment be careful what you wish for. The world will not handle destabilized American politics. The world is well overdue a massive slap in the face. It needs to wake up. We are at a far more important economic juncture than at any time in the past 90 years. Victimology won’t help us. Virtual signaling is pointless. This has nothing to do with race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. These charts show we’ve been drinking our own Kool-Aid for too long. Governments have ignored your wishes and covered up gross negligence along with group think central banks via decades of crony-capitalism.

Trump has much to prove but a larger part of America is well behind the ‘change’ his administration could bring that decades of GOP and Democrat governments have failed to. Yet I ask all those who who litter social media and ask Americans to rise up and do their patriotic duty to resist Trump, “exactly what solutions do you have in mind?” As far as I can see your protesting  is little more than moral preening. You complain yet have nothing to offer in return. We are no longer living in a world where things are free. Eventually someone has to take a haircut. One things is a certainty though. The liberals that cry equality will be the first to cut and run if they become the target of common sense. Let that sink in.

What is it Democrats don’t understand about democracy?


What is it Democrats don’t get about democracy? I’m serious – what is it? The amount of blame placed on people who got up and voted for Trump, especially the supposed #WhiteLash. Could it be that the biased media so close to Election Day was 98% cocksure Hillary Clinton would romp home that many would be Democrat voters believed the utter exaggeration of Trump’s nigh on impossible to win and complacently sat on their safe space sofas and realized the folly of their mistake when it was too late. To hear the young people chant “this is not my President!” while they trash public and private property. These same people who whinge at the “lack of intelligence” of Trump’s redneck backers show themselves to be the dumb ones for conforming to groupthink driven by an out of touch media who only fed them with the bias formed in an echo chamber they wanted to hear. The signs were obvious. Did they not see those outer city yokels doing it tough while they blissfully chewed on A-5 wagyu steaks washed down with new world merlot from Argentina behind their gated compounds?.

This election showed Democrats out of touch with midde America. Trump won because he listened and appealed to those who didn’t believe in the bulldust spouted by the Ivy League political masters because they weren’t living that prosperity.


The above map points to the typical intolerant double standards of the liberal left. While they cry outrage at Trump’s locker room talk they remain silent about their own when Weiner is busted for sexting minors and the well known sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton is spoken of. Didn’t they cry “when they go low, we go high”? When an election is run in the gutter on both sides that sort of moral high ground doesn’t exactly win hearts and minds.

So while the Democrats preach diversity, equality, LGBT rights and free education they have no shame in mocking Republicans as coming from “Dumbfuckistan” which if the shoe was on the other foot and Trump supporters hailed Democrats from Demfuckistan they would be assaulted as bigoted white trash, disrespecting the Muslim community by using “-stan.” That’s the beauty of the diversity mob – you’re only one of them if you strictly conform to the letter of their ideology. Stray off message and you’ll be  instantly labeled bigoted, racist, intolerant and probably deplorable  for good measure.

Now it seems those champagne socialists (aka Hollywood celebrities) don’t want to leave after all. Well there is a surprise. While they harped on about equality and diversity (Miley Cyrus even cried on camera about how her life would be ruined if Trump won) they won’t stick to their promises because they know their fragile egos and bank accounts wouldn’t grow outside America. Funny how the situation changes. Amy Shumer now says she was joking.

Reverend Al Sharpton (another who threatened to leave) said, “I think that there’s going to be — rather than going to a blame game, we need to analyze, this man’s going to be president and all that many of us have fought for during our lives is at stake. And we are not going down without a fight and Donald needs to know that.”

I have absolutely no sympathy for people complaining about a result they had a chance to influence had they exercised democratic rights. It is irrelevant that whites voted for Trump. More blacks, Hispanics and other minorities voted for Trump than Romney in November 2011.  Say all they want about divisiveness and every other insult in the book because they didn’t like the outcome they would be better off looking inside themselves at the hypocrisy of what Democrat stands for. They stand for social justice on every form of victimology which now extends to protesting those who exercised democratic rights. They are victims of their own stupidity.

Complain all they want about what a vulgarian Trump is but they had a chance to stop it. Perhaps if Bernie Sanders wasn’t shafted because it was Hillary’s turn to be President the Democrats might have won. Now I hear the “she won the popular vote (by c.200,000)” so it is an unfair result but the election was well known to be based on electoral colleges. Thems the rules folks.  I’m sorry but Democrats also helped Trump into the Oval Office. They may have detested him as a person, they may think of him as a liar, bigot, racist etc but he won that election despite every hurdle and obstacle thrown in his way. Perhaps Trump isn’t as dumb as you made him out to be? With a majority in the House and Senate perhaps he’ll get much more done than many expect. The expectations are that low.

He is already breaking election promises apparently. Seriously people – when a man looks down a camera in front of millions after being busted for lewd talk tells you “no one respects women more than me” you can’t claim you didn’t know that. He knows you know he knows you know. Clinton on the other hand thought she knew you knew she knowed you didn’t know. It’s subtle but another reason why his authenticity pulled this election off.

In closing, hopefully the message here is simple. Instead of Democrats hurling insults at white racists and bigots perhaps they should open their eyes and know they were the very same accomplices that allowed such division to fester. Don’t blame them when it was you that played a role in beating them down into abject poverty. They were the victims of an establishment that didn’t care about them and they chose to be agents of change. They might not have letters after their name but don’t pass them off as stupid when the ones crying they’ve been duped are indeed you.