Australian Wallabies coach Michael Cheika is clearly massively under pressure. Sporting the second worst win/loss record of any Australian rugby coach he hit out at journalists questioning whether it is time to pack it in by suggesting they take mental disorder suppressing “pills” for exposing his dreadful stats. His team was walloped by New Zealand 40-12. The All Blacks retain the Bledisloe Cup for the 16th straight year.

Cheika talked of “passion” for the job but a great coach is one that extracts the best from the players by making them believe in themselves and achieve well beyond what they think they can. Australia need a Brian Clough type coach rather than the thuggish style of Cheika. Basic discipline is lacking in the Aussie team and that stems from the top. A coach that was confident in his ability to attain quality results wouldn’t resort to cheap shots. He’d merely let the scoreboard do the talking. Instead he shows the pressure is too much for him.  This press conference (especially from 5:30) confirms he is not right for the role. Time to replace him.

CM has made the argument multiple times – if money was taken away from the game all current All Blacks would still play proudly for their country. For the Aussies it is likely only a handful that might feel the same. Cheika is not building a team steeped in history, but making excuses for his dreadful deficiencies. He may accuse journalists of being clueless by stating they’ve never coached before, but should he possess an enviable success ratio the press wouldn’t ask for reasons why the Wallabies were road kill.

Cheikmate- time to go gracefully. The fans aren’t buying it.

If Rugby was amateur, how many Wallabies would actually play for their country?


Makes you wonder about professional sportsmen these days. It is not a rush of blood to the head to cheat by throwing sand in the opposition’s face. That’s 13F grade quality. These players get paid a fortune and fans go to watch clean play and top sportsmanship. However it seems the more money they are paid the more they resort to cheating to keep the pay cheques alive. I always preferred the Wallabies in the amateur years. Same goes for cricket.

How these idiots ever think with today’s 10 million camera angles that they won’t get found out? He should be banned for 12 months minimum and fined $100,000s to the England team. It is cheating. There is no place. The Rugby Union body shouldn’t collect it.

Hooper is without a talented flanker. However it typifies the side. My lasting impression of the All Blacks vs Wallabies World Cup Final in 2015 was when they stood for the national anthems. All Blacks look like a team from head to toe. All same uniforms. All black boots. They look like a well drilled killer army and were. Aussie team had orange, blue, black and green boots. When you look like a team you play like a team. The All Blacks are so dominant because the spirit and respect for that ‘institution’ shows their pride in their nation. They wear it with honour. If the Aussies are prepared to throw sand, then playing for the Wallabies becomes a well paid job not a symbol of pride.

Maybe that is the solution. Playing for the Wallabies is amateur. No money. Then see how many want to play for their country because that matters. i reckon if you stopped paying the All Blacks most would still probably play for their country.