Lack of ethics coaching stems from the top


Australia’s collapse in the 3rd test against South Africa after the cheating scandal broke spoke volumes. Looking at the highlights one could see many of the players couldn’t wait to leave the ground to escape the booing. True colours. All that happened was to be able to witness a bunch of prima donnas’ inner mental weakness exposed to sunlight.

It was April last year when the players were protesting over pay and conditions. Winners were grinners as the cricket board acquiesced their demands. Oh, to have the upper hand due to exemplary skills on the field knowing it converted to juicier broadcasting rights for their paymasters. One might imagine that hidden within the contract terms, players would receive “extra” bonuses for winning. So in order to get that cash, sometimes extra methods would be required to win. Cheating was clearly seen by the “leadership” team as acceptable if it triggered incentives. Most companies would fire employees for doing the same.

As mentioned yesterday, a team that has the capacity to stoop to such levels has no proper internal controls. The coaching staff must have been blind If they were not able to see the flaws in team dynamics. While (former) Captain Steve Smith denies the coaching staff were aware of the plans to cheat, it is hard to fathom being so close to a team for so long that signs of its internal lack of governance were not evident.

Cricket Australia should rescind the contracts of the perpetrators. They should never be allowed to represent the country again, no matter how talented they may be. I would be far happier to see my team lose and work hard to turn the fortunes through grit rather than win through false means. If sponsors leave the players and the organization, no sympathy should be felt. They reap what they sow.

Cricket Australia needs to clean house. It is evident it is little more than a club run where ethics coaching takes a back seat. No trust can be restored until most if not all senior members of the management team resign or are removed. Same for coaching staff and players. If the world’s best batsman can’t inspire a team by his own amazing abilities on the field, then he has no place leading it off it. Having said that the best player doesn’t always make the best captain.

Yet it is likely a short suspension, loss of captaincy and a big fine will be seen as enough warning to prevent further incidents. Personally (and I’m not alone) I have no interest seeing cheats represent my country no matter how repentant. Smith and his culprits can play in the Indian IPL but should Cricket Australia go soft (every likelihood that it will) fans will desert them. CM doesn’t want to see social media driven boycotts. It seems apparent to every Australian CM has spoken to that they’ve already made their minds up. Good riddance. You killed your own golden goose.

Canadian mortgage fraud – Laurentian Abyss(m)al


Laid up in bed this week with the flu I watched The Hunt for Red October where Sean Connery plays a Russian sub commander with a thick Scottish accent. To rendezvous with the CIA to complete the defection they head to the deep waters of the Laurentian Abyssal, ironically the name of the Canadian bank which has seen the proverbial torpedo hit the propellor.

It seems that Laurentian Bank in Canada has been caught over mortgage fraud, the second lender to do so. Canada’s property prices have trebled since 2000, seeing but a minor blip during GFC. Zerohedge noted,

An audit “identified documentation issues and client misrepresentations” with some mortgages…Laurentian said it will repurchase about C$89 million ($70 million) of those mortgages in the first quarter, or 4.9 percent of such loans sold to the firm….It will buy back an additional C$91 million of mortgages “inadvertently” sold to the firm, also in the first quarter.

The total value of the loans made to the 3rd party was around $1.16bn. Of course the CEO of Laurentian Bank is brushing aside the scale of it.

As we know Home Capital Group, Canada’s largest mortgage lender was busted for mortgage fraud and required a $1.5bn bailout facilitated by the 321,000 Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) members. Not to worry those emergency loans are backed by the mortgages!! Naturally “safe as houses”

Perhaps in the immortal words of Red October Captain Ramius, “be careful what you shoot at in here…things inside here don’t react well to bullets

Or perhaps in the words of Canadian born Inspector Frank Drebbin, “nothing to see here!”

Now Kathy Griffin is the helpless victim


What a blithering idiot. If she couldn’t see that her stunt was potentially career ending then it is hard to have sympathy. Did she not weigh up her decision in the days and weeks it would have taken to prepare the prop? Did she not seek third party advice? Now she’s playing the victim card. How pathetic. She even hired a lawyer to defend her from attacks from the Trump family. I would imagine most sane families would hound you if you held a mock decapitation of the head of the family. Let’s see if she is crowd funded to keep her out of self inflicted poverty.

The likes of Jim Carey came out to say that comedy is all about crossing lines. To a point he is right but Griffin’s stunt at no point had a comic element to it. This was a venomous, targeted and mal-intended event to make a point of her dislike for her democratically elected leader. Amazing how she can go on TV as a victim. The reason she has been fired is that the networks is they don’t think she’ll be a drawcard. Given the low cost of online platforms maybe she can set up her own pay-per-view comedy channel and see how popular she really is. Sorry Kathy, you own this.