Apathy the true enemy of climate alarmists


Cold is the enemy of the climate alarmists in more ways than one. The unseasonably cold weather is not only messing with their cause, it would seem that apathy  is the more worrying symptom. As you can see in the Melbourne “March for Science”  protest, the participants are clearly cold enough to wear fur lined hooded jackets. Sydney didn’t look much different in terms of indifference.


Indeed the “biggest threat to the planet” is their own lack of conviction. Telling. Even with the full support of the climate alarmist state media giving free plugs for the event proved to have little impact. Wouldn’t the very statistics they always espouse demand protestors in the 10s of 1000s? Given the Aussie Green Party is announcing they will run an election platform of a $20,000 universal basic income without having to work and legalized cannabis it would seem a far better pay-off staying home getting stoned.

I’m voting Greens if they believe I can break the law if I think it’s unjust


And the Greens wonder why they’re now trailing One Nation. Leader Senator Richard Di Natale has openly backed the ACTU Secretary Sally McManus’ stance on breaking laws if they seem unjust. Maybe I should ask that my speeding fines are unjust because The higher spec nature of my vehicle is such that I can achieve the same minimum braking distances from higher speeds. I recall Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon congratulate protesters who illegally  broke in to a Newcastle coal loading port amd shut down shipments costing millions. I guess for the Greens anything is ok if it serves their purpose and why they’ll never be taken as a serious political contender.