Hugh Grant on parenting, morals and Divine Brown

Actually, Hugh, your remarks are the complete opposite of what your grandfather fought two world wars for. In case you didn’t get it, a democratic referendum taken by the people who voted to leave the EU. It has been thwarted by self-interested politicians going out of their way to go against the will of the people because they, like you, think they know better.

Good to see the Left still can’t prosecute an argument without resorting to profanity. CM is sure Hugh Grant’s kids will one day be proud of his parenting skills and high moral code he holds over others.

Daddy, who is Divine Brown?

No sweetheart. Divine Brown is the name of ice cream.”

How come you were arrested for eating ice cream in the back seat of a car?

Well you see, your Daddy wasn’t eating ice cream at all…

Jonathan Pie on comparing Tories to Nazis

Expletive laden as per normal but Jonathan Pie makes valid points with respect to UK Labour MP David Lammy’s assertions that Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG were Nazis and Boris Johnson was a white supremacist. His answer to what Somerset is famous for is hilarious.

Mulligan Brexit again

「mulligan golf」の画像検索結果

Rebel Tory MP Justine Greening is calling for a second referendum on Brexit to end a parliamentary deadlock. There was never any doubt that ‘leavers’ wanted OUT of the EU. It was pretty clear cut. “Leave the European Union ✅ or ❌” Not half in or any other form of compromise. At what point will politicians get it through their thick skulls that constituents do not want mulligan politics? If some don’t like the outcome, just keep swinging until can deliver the minority the result they wanted? Best of three? Why not conduct parliamentary elections this way? Swing and a miss!

UK PM Theresa May has shown utter incompetence in executing Brexit. She stupidly called an election which cost her a majority forcing her to side with the DUP just to hold onto power. She couldn’t read that the electorate was sick of voting as CM pointed out at the time. She was punished for it, despite the massive lead in the polls she had. One might almost think it was deliberate given the soft stance she has taken on Brexit and the total disregard for the referendum.

Despite jawboning last week there would be no negotiation post the resignations of David Davis & Boris Johnson she has had to cave in to hard line Brexiters (305 vs 302) on the Customs Bill. A narrow 303-300 vote to exit the EU’s VAT scheme post-Brexit was also reached. Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, Peter Dowd said, “it took two years for the Prime Minister to reach her Chequers deal, but only two days for it to fall apart.” He is not wrong. May has bungled it so poorly one wonders if it isn’t deliberate.

What should be seen here is that politicians (from any party) voting against what their constituents put forward will be political suicide over this.  There is a genuine sense in the House of Commons that all of this will somehow wash over like politics has for decades.  While many might see the ructions inside the Tories as a godsend for Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn (to an extent it is), even he has to realise that almost 40% of his party’s voters wanted to leave, meaning the members from those areas that expressed their intent leaves mixed messaging for the party as a whole. Watch for a resurgence in UKIP.

In any event May needs to go. She should resign. It is unlikely that she will. She is even thinking of bringing summer recess forwards to reduce the chances of a no confidence motion although both Labour & Tory members have quashed the idea of this. 48 members must write letters to the 1922 backbench committee to call a no confidence motion and Theresa May would need to win over half the 316 seats held.

Yet we only need to look at drunkard EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and ask why any UK politician thinks there is merit in negotiating with an unelected mob that can’t walk in a straight line even when sober? Keep calm and Brexit hard.

When celebrities protest we guarantee the opposite is true

Jamie Oliver has threatened to quit Britain if Boris Johnson is made PM after David Cameron. Whenever I hear a celebrity making a public stand against a cause I am pretty sure that I can completely dismiss at as nothing more than an opportunity to self promote. Perhaps Jamie Oliver wants to make sure his continental sauces and spice rack won’t suffer if European consumers want to pay Britain back at the supermarket. I look forward to him leaving from the GBP10m home he has recently bought. I’m sure he’ll flee to the Tuscan hills for a few months and return when it has all blown over.

Russell Brand, the potty mouthed comedian, said he’d move to Syria if someone bought him a first class ticket. A crowd funding effort raised the cash and he is still  in the UK.

We see it so often in when celebrities bang on about climate change. It is a cause where there is a lot of ‘debate’ and spotlight so what better way to promote their own individual popularity than acting as advocates. How it is not reflected in their actions. Leo DiCaprio, Bono and Will.I.Am are three great examples.

I remember Leonardo DiCaprio made his entire Oscar speech about the importance of climate change. he is a fine actor to be sure. Yet, he is an hypocrite. He flies by private jet pretty much everywhere. I don’t begrudge that he has the means to afford private jets and limousine pick ups.  However if he is so worried about the dangers of climate change, as he made clear in his UN speech (“all that I have seen on my journey [looking at climate change] have absolutely terrified me” can he really be that worried?

Bono of U2 is also a major climate alarmist and hypocrite too. The 360 Degrees tour had a daily running cost of $850,000  arriving on six 747 jets  and U2’s production manager Jake Berry bragged, “The Rolling Stones ran 46 trucks. We are running 55. This is the biggest.” Once again I don’t begrudge U2’s success, only that they shut up about telling people how they should save the planet, presumably on his behalf.

Former Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am attended a climate change debate in Oxford in his own helicopter which is not unlike that President Obama uses. Will.I.Am said at the conference, “Climate change should be the thing that we are all worried and concerned about as humans on this planet, how we affect the planet, our consumption, and how we treat the place that we live in.”

So now that Jamie Oliver is espousing to leave Britain should BoJo get appointed Prime Minister I guess we should hold him to his word. The history of hypocritical celebrities is long and never ending. Once again it highlights just how much celebrities truly believe in the causes they fight for except one – their own popularity.