Apathy the true enemy of climate alarmists


Cold is the enemy of the climate alarmists in more ways than one. The unseasonably cold weather is not only messing with their cause, it would seem that apathy  is the more worrying symptom. As you can see in the Melbourne “March for Science”  protest, the participants are clearly cold enough to wear fur lined hooded jackets. Sydney didn’t look much different in terms of indifference.


Indeed the “biggest threat to the planet” is their own lack of conviction. Telling. Even with the full support of the climate alarmist state media giving free plugs for the event proved to have little impact. Wouldn’t the very statistics they always espouse demand protestors in the 10s of 1000s? Given the Aussie Green Party is announcing they will run an election platform of a $20,000 universal basic income without having to work and legalized cannabis it would seem a far better pay-off staying home getting stoned.

Brexit? Brits are the most apathetic voters for EU Parliament

voting EU Parliament

We’ve heard 1 million stories about Brexit. Remain, Leave etc. However Brits have been one of the most apathetic nations when it comes to voting for EU parliamentarians since 1979. You have to wonder if apathy in the UK will mean the ‘leavers’ are more likely to show up to polling booths to force change. 35% showed  up at the polling booths to vote in 2014.

Interesting to see that Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland show waning effort to vote for EU parliament. Rather telling.