Apparently this is newsworthy


Apparently the mainstream media think this is newsworthy. A 70yo man who happens to be president has bald patches. Who knew? Guess that means that one should take their other media commentary about affairs of the nation – foreign and domestic – far more seriously with Pulitzer Prize winning journalism like this. One would be forgiven for thinking America had never had a balding POTUS – Gerald Ford, LBJ, Richard Nixon to name three. Yawn. How insensitive and offensive such an article is to the hirsute!

China makes Obama look like a chump again


I wish Obama read Sun Tzu. When China talks of its “climate change commitment” it has nothing to do with global warming  but painting the necessity of cleaning its well known air quality issues as a “virtue”. The Chinese couldn’t give a damn about climate change unless they can profit from it – wind farms, solar panels – and get stupid Western governments to overpay for the wealth transfer

Meanwhile Obama is making commitments at the end of his term which won’t be passed by the US Senate. If he was so empassioned to have the US ratify it why did he not do it at the Paris Summit where 50,000 of the climate change faithful flew half way around the world spewing out countless tonnes of CO2 to be able to kneel at the altar of the frequently discredited UNIPCC?

The Chinese do not respect Obama. He’s a push over. Under his rule, China could build and arm a man-made island in the middle of hotly contested islands in the South China Sea unfettered. Half the reason the Chinese did it was to test the US reaction which in the end was none. Many other presidents would have dispatched a carrier battle group and said “what on earth do you think you are doing?” Obama is really making Jimmy Carter look like Superman on foreign policy.

This weekend Beijing snubbed Obama again. Arriving at Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport, the receiving China delegation made sure there was no staircase with red carpet for Obama to exit the plane and descend. No, the president of the world’s most powerful nation was forced to use an emergency exit of Air Force One for his final arrival in China as leader of the free world. What an embarrassment.

You see the Chinese are well aware he’s a narcissist. No better way to jilt his pride than make him suffer such ignominy. This is yet another way China knows its power and influence isn’t just regional but global. China doesn’t need to be the world power this year or the next decade. 50 years time is fine. As Sun Tzu said,

“Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

If Obama only knew how the Chinese laugh at him. Perhaps the Nobel Prize after 6 weeks in office went to his head as a meaningful endorsement. At least his legacy (if one can call it that) is almost over.

I would also remind Obama and the climate alarmists that once the global economy dips deeply into recession that climate change will be so far down the list of priorities just like it was in 2008. Once again it proves human nature is much more geared to self preservation than the common good.