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Tesla 30

Contrarian Marketplace ー Tesla – 30 Reasons it will likely be a bug on a windshield

The link above contains our 30 point argument as to why Tesla is not a paradigm shift nor a revolutionary. A short term disruptor but Musk has woken the auto giants.


CM-North Korean Crisis

We look at the geopolitical mess in the Korean Peninsula and how we think China has no choice but to protect its border from falling into the hands of the US

CM Pinocchio MMC.png

CM – Pinocchio Motors

We look at the ridiculous sell-side assumptions made over the Mitsubishi Motors scandal which have absolutely no chance of coming to fruition.


CM – Make Japan Great Again (MJGA)

We investigate the mass exodus from Japan’s regions and look at how a Polish style tax reform could help reinvigorate the economy and nation’s finances


CM – Crime in Japan – Geriatric Jailbirds

Please find our extensive report on elderly crime in Japan and solutions to the problems facing the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) – link above.


CM – Crime in Japan – Breakdown of the Nuclear Family

We investigate the break-up of the nuclear family unit in Japan and the social repercussions of domestic violence. child abuse and single family households.


CM – Crime in Japan – Yakuza Police Other Crime

We investigate the problems besetting the police force and how changing crime is ruining efficiency and how the Yakuza is getting away with more crime.


CM – Terrorism in Japan

We look at the dark history of terrorism in Japan and the shortfalls that may face officials preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympiad.

CM Size.png

CM – Size Matters

We look at how higher ownership by company management leads to superior shareholder returns. The figures are quite telling in Japan. Results in the link above.

CM Matry.png

CM – Misguided M&A

We look at the poor history of Japanese M&A strategy especially that of merging weak businesses domestically but as we know tow drowning men don’t make a swimmer.


CM – The Big Short

We look at the irrelevance of the sell-side’s infatuation with large cap stocks and why group think is adding less value to buy-side investors.


CM – Independent Directors in Japan

We look at the ages of independent directors in Japan since the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code.


CM – Age is only a number

We investigate the age of corporate boards in Japan and find some interesting performance divergence between the young and old, especially with scandals.


CM – Bambi in the boardroom

We look at the lack of experience on corporate boards in Japan and how recruitment agencies are exploiting people after retirement for well under minimum wages.


CM-Hiring outside the box

We often hear companies ask about the importance of hiring people from outside the industry to challenge them yet they tend to go the safe conventional path 99% of the time


CM – Public Pension Black Hole

We investigate the frightening state of underfunded public pension liabilities in the USA and how this compares with state GDP and state revenue.


CM – DireStraits for Central Banks

We look at the dire strait of central banks and the rapid decline in global money velocity despite record printing of fiat currencies.


CM – Why Trump will be President

We forecast the reasons why we think Donald Trump is likely to win the election on November 8, 2016 by our contrarian approach to social media.

CM ETF.png

CM – All you can EaTF

We look at the danger of ETF behaviour on the downside and the extra volatility which accompanies and the delta-bleed that follows.


CM – Meth, Purity and Drug Prices

We investigate the behaviour of illicit drug markets and their predictive power of economic strength.