Shimon Peres’ message to the world


CM has been privy to meet Shimon Peres’ long time confidant Nadav Tamir. An unbelievably humble man who has probably met more foreign leaders than most statesmen.

Mr Tamir told  of what it was like to work alongside a man who did so much for peace. He believed in looking at the future and believed there was win win in every situation. He told the story of Peres talking ahead of a peace summit to the diplomats assembled that he’d pay $10 to everyone who won an arm wrestle with his opponent every time. After 10 minutes Peres said, “why didn’t you collaborate? If you let each other win and shared in the spoils you’d be much better off.” His idea was they should offer no resistance and swing their arms back and forth as fast as they could as a team.

Peres’ office is littered with Nobel prizes and probably nearly every highest state award from countries around the world. At 90yo a journalist asked Peres whether he felt old. He replied while holding his two hands pointing up,

”if you have achievements in this hand and dreams in the other and  you still have more dreams you are still young. I’m still young!”

It is hard not to come away utterly humbled by such a brave man.

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