What is a Shabbat elevator?


What is a Shabbat elevtor? Who would want to use it?  Shabbat is the custom to take a day of rest from everything. A Shabbat elevator is one where none of the buttons work.

For example in a 10-story building, the lift operates between the basement and level 10, floor by floor, up and down. The direction is determined by the cycle. If you’re living on the 10th floor but the Shabbat elevator is on level 10 and you’re on G the lift will descend floor by floor, heading to the basement before doing the return journey. On the face of it the custom seems rather inconvenient. You might wait 24 floors of time to get home. The principle is that the Jewish day of rest is meant to be that, even something as innocuous as pressing a lift button is to be avoided.  It makes sense. Don’t think. Just ride and relax. Recharge

Many unplug the internet, turn off the power of their phone or computer to completely remove them from distracting influences that prevent them from complete personal reboot.

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