First Ladies


LGBTQ Nation notes Jennifer Aniston will star as the first lesbian president in the yet to be written, First Ladies which has the tag line “Behind every great woman…is another great woman.”  Her partner (stand-up comedian) Tig Notaro will play the First Lady. Will Ferrell is also supposedly starring in the film, which suggests a comedy. Even if it is humour one hopes Aniston is elected on her abilities rather than what she does behind closed doors.

Even though CM despises identity politics, the marketplace for free speech should be counted, weighed and measured by the film’s success at the box office. It is a film investment like any other. If it is found wanting then will someone dare to write a terrible review based on content or will they feel compelled to talk it up for fear of being labeled? That maybe more telling than the film itself.

CM doesn’t care what gender, sexual orientation, race or religious background a politician is provided they are the most qualified to run a country for the people that democratically elect them. That should be the only factor. Many claim that Hillary missed out because she is a woman, not because she treated the election as a coronation, stuck to $1,000 plate fund raisers in the Democratic Party hot spots, her email scandals, her husband’s chance encounter with the Attorney General on the tarmac or alienating deplorables? Or could it be she is on a world tour still griping about it?

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