Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels – the Sirens of New Guinea


The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels played an important part in the Allies victory in The Pacific Theatre. My grandfather wrote this about them on 7 November 1942.

A startling sight is to see the Fuzzy Wuzzies clothed in only a small cloth around their loins wearing flowers in their mop of crinkly hair – the pansies – and smelling strongly of coconut oil…

…the natives – Mission educated – sometimes have a sing song and believe me they can sing. The tone is so good and the harmonizing – perfect. They sing mostly hymns and to hear them sing is something better than a full choir at any church, especially at night when everything is still…

…They are a very loyal people and not a few Japs have been brought in from the hills by them – strung up on a pole like a live pig,..”

Reminds me of the tales of Odysseus who spoke of the Sirens whose beautiful chants lured sailors to their death.

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