It’s ok if Eddie Murphy does it


Such is the double standards of the media these days. The amount of drivel that has been spewed over Japanese comedian Hamada’s skit which had him role play Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) in Beverley Hills Cop. “Racist” is the most used word against Hamada but how many forget the accolades Eddie Murphy received playing multiple roles in the film Coming to America including that of a white Jewish man? Not a peep.

One can call Hamada’s humour as “insensitive” but get a grip. Japanese humour is what it is. Not many foreigners get it. Most of it is hitting soft hammers on the heads of celebrities and gags such as being shoved in a bag full of cockroaches to humiliate the star. I doubt that Hamada had the slightest intention to create a race based attempt at belittling blacks.

As for the Eddie Murphy skit it is unlikely that many Japanese would get the correlation of a Detroit Lions jacket and Axel Foley without the make up addition.

Still even Aussie kids can get vilified for dressing up as their favourite AFL stars like Nic Naitanui who just happen to be ‘coloured’. No bigger sign of praise to the player than to want to be as authentic as possible right down to skin colour. It isn’t shaming. It’s praising. Indeed skin colour is irrelevant to a player but a 9yo kid just sees an idol rather than identity politics. Yet the left think the bigger lesson is not to get kids to be dreamers and aspire to role models but smack them and their parents over the head for being bigots.

Poor comedy would be a bigger crime than poor taste in Hamada’s case.  I’m sure the Japanese won’t lose a wink over it as political correctness thankfully doesn’t exist there. Talk about cultural insensitivity- to understand Japan would be a first step before the social justice warriors went to war

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