LinkedIn – artificially impolite


One has to query the real embedded value of LinkedIn. Apart from having complete strangers endorse one for skills never used or studied, the latest craze is to give users automated one button generic answers to allow one to tell a potential client, colleague, recruiter or stranger that they care. In a strange way, LinkedIn’s true value added is knowing among one’s list of acquaintances who actually thinks to authentically write salutations to one who is indeed experiencing a birthday or work anniversary. That would show reality rather than the 90% who think a “kudos to you” could register anymore than “why am I doing any business with such a lazy, thoughtless and insincere two dimensional nobody?” That’s right most people just blink at your profile and move on.

Has anyone thought that Daniel may have been given a battlefield commission? Maybe he manages upwards well but his colleagues can’t stand him? Perhaps he is merely the result of luck in terms of market timing which has zero to do with individual ability? Whose to say Daniel didn’t knife 20 colleagues to get to that position? The options are endless. Why doesn’t LinkedIn at the very least offer some negative responses? Even Facebook does it now.

People continue to drone on about how digital and AI is transforming the way we conduct business. Indeed it is. The value of individual  connections, sincerity, trust and personal service is being cast off for algorithms which have absolutely zero chance of refining human nature which on balance is different for everyone almost everyday. Human instinct can detect subtle changes – “Steve seems happy today” or “Penelope looks a bit down today” – then again perhaps those people who’ve agreed to have an embedded company chip in their body will allow companies to tailor good or bad news depending on their biorhythm delivered by microchip?!

We all know what the value of good service is. Go to any restaurant that gives a special touch and you’ll go again and again. Or maybe the special dinner date of the future will give each party the right algorithmic responses to a romantic night out. Then why bother going out at all. You can dine from the same take out menu all from the comfort of your own home while wooing your special one over a synched video screen.

So to all those that look at LinkedIn pay attention to those that will spend the time to link you and those who will merely blink you. Which brings me to this piece on recruitment

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