Tesla – to err is human. To blame on somebody else is even more human in a dog eat dog industry

This video sums up Tesla’s Q3. Elon Musk (on the left) blaming his supplier on the right. We shouldn’t discount that Tesla maybe pushing the boat out on payables ($3.9bn). As mentioned in the big Tesla report published on Monday, the fact Tesla doesn’t have beefy mainstream suppliers serving it is telling. US suppliers have been bitten too many times to take on high risk projects which won’t provide any better margin. It is a fact that suppliers need stable production just as much if not more than the manufacturer. If a car maker has 20 models and only one stinks and that is the one you’re supplying to then losses are going to result. So blaming suppliers is hardly going to win over the more seasoned players to change their mind on Tesla. Dobbing in your suppliers shows poor management period. Who ate the cookie?


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