Meet America’s least reliable car


Tesla’s Model X has earned the wooden spoon in the 2017 Consumer Reports study on automotive quality. The car was marked down for problems hardware, paint, trim and climate system. While Tesla has undoubtedly been a disruptor in the auto world, conventional auto makers are quickly getting their act together on product and coupled with far longer experience in manufacturing and distribution wth a supply chain that backs the OEM’s track record. Tesla’s problems will only escalate as the Model 3 production issues show it is still amateur hour in the most important part of the auto making process. The overall rank for quality was as follows. 5 of the top 10 makes being Japanese.

1. Toyota
2. Lexus
3. Kia
4. Audi
5. BMW
6. Subaru
7. Infiniti
8. Buick
9. Honda
10. Hyundai
11. Nissan
12. Mazda
13. Porsche
14. Mercedes-Benz
15. Ford
16. Volkswagen
17. Chrysler
18. Chevrolet
19. Acura
20. Jeep
21. Tesla
22. Lincoln
23. Volvo
24. Dodge
25. Ram
26. GMC
27. Cadillac


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