Get Up! should Get Lost!


What sort of society do we live in where people view GetUp! as a credible action group driving worthy causes? Dr Pansy Lai starred in a “No (to same sex marriage)” advert. She expressed a point of view. People don’t have to agree with her conservative thinking but does it require Get Up to run a campaign to get her deregistered from the medical profession? Does expressing support for traditional marriage somehow impact her ability to tend to patients? Unlikely.

Why doesn’t GetUp check to see whether her patients leave her practice in droves or new ones beat down her door for treatment before imposing its own warped justice system? 6,000 signed the petition to get her dumped. She even received death threats. It’s appalling. I can only imagine GetUp were slightly dismayed she wasn’t white so they could crank up the bigotry-o-meter. GetUp saw better of it and retracted the petition. It doesn’t excuse the fact they intended to ruin someone’s life who didn’t agree

Let’s not forget the results of the 2011 Census where 0.03% of the population identified with being husband and wife in a same sex relationship. Yes. 1,338 people only. Seems strange that 4x as many people wanted to bury a doctor than same sex couples actually told the government they viewed themselves in a traditional sense of marriage.

As Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” 

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