Since when is it Andy Murray’s job to enforce same sex marriage rights?


I wrote a few days ago that Aussie tennis great Margaret Court can hold any view she likes on same sex marriage but should refrain from publicly boycotting Qantas. Now the outrage brigade is reaching the tennis players who now wish to debate whether to boycott the tennis arena that bears her name at the next Australian Open. Since when is it the players who feel the need to enforce same sex marriage views? Margaret Court was a superb tennis player in her own right which is why she had an arena named after her. Isn’t that the same sort of bigoted mindset to demand the arena is renamed? She doesn’t share their views so they’ll go out of their way to destroy her. What if Margaret Court had a dinner with Andy Murray where she expressed those views in private? Would he have gone to the same lengths? Probably not.

Why wasn’t Boris Becker banned from commentating for supposedly impregnating a waitress in a London restaurant? Where is the outage over his (supposed) lack of respect for women?

Or why aren’t kids trigger-warned over John McEnroe commentating because of his on court antics as a bad role model for children?

Or Nick Kyrgios? How come the players aren’t all over attacking him publicly and demanding he be barred from the game?

Perhaps the tennis association should form a sports player union and advise the golf player association to ban Tiger Woods for life for DUI and for his 19 prostitutes.

Maybe Andy Murray will get a sponsorship from Qantas with his virtue signaling?

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