Margaret Court’s Double Fault


I don’t care much for corporate politics. There is no place for Starbucks to pour its identity politics inside my bitter brew much less Qantas’ CEO Alan Joyce use the airline to support gay marriage. As far as I am concerned  tennis star Margaret Court has no need to publicize she won’t fly Qantas for this either. She could just make a conscious personal decision on her next holiday to fly Singapore or Virgin. Simple. No need to tell anyone else.

Virtue signaling on either side is irrelevant. People can make (and have made their) minds up already on gay marriage and any other political stance. It isn’t up to Alan Joyce or Margaret Court to use the “airline” as a  tennis match.

Let Qantas live on the quality of its service, destinations and prices rather than its views on political matters. What next shareholders funds will be used to spray Qantas aircraft in rainbow livery or a pink tail? Every video on inflight entertainment will have a mandatory 15 minute lecture on gay marriage?

My only question is why has Mrs Court decided to voice her opinion on Qantas now? Joyce has been vocal for quite some time on the matter.

Perhaps John McEnroe puts it best for both players “you can NOT be serious!”

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