Tsunami Tales Pt.4: the sea wall of Ishinomaki


Ishinomaki Port in Miyagi Prefecture was hit hard by the March 2011 tsunami. The sea wall defenses being erected (as pictured) run the entire length of the town (15km). Not only are the sea walls running out to sea they are being built immediately behind the warehouses sitting on the harbour front. On top of this dirt mound (already at an elevated level) gigantic concrete blocks will be layered in top.

Also a lot of trees are being felled in the smaller towns to the north meaning a lot of wood is being exported.

The hotel I stayed at was full of construction workers. Hotel Route Inn in Ishinomaki is cleaning up with more or less full occupancy during the week if the breakfast hall was anything to go by. Fly-in, fly-out workers is my guess.

Ishinomaki is also the site of a Japan Air Self Defence Force which lost 16 of its F-2 fighter jets (half of those stationed there) which were damaged by the tsunami. Why on earth they weren’t scrambled beggars belief. All had to be written off as the salt corrosion meant a rebuild was too expensive.


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