Tsunami Tales Pt.2 : the Lone Pine among 70,000 in Rikuzentakata


350 years ago 70,000 pine trees were planted along the shoreline of Rikuzentakata to provide a natural defense against wind and sea spray. Scroll Forward to 11 Match 2011 and 69,999 were wiped away by the tsunami. This is the only one left standing. It died in 2012 but is kept as a memorial to the devastation of that day. There are plans to re Kant many of those trees to return to the Edo era. Like Minamisanriku, Rikuzentakata was flattened. This is what it looked like when I visited in 2012.

Today it is a sea of cranes and dirt mounds where houses used to be.

Once again, this is a work in progress site with at least 5 years worth of work to be done. Cranes and convenience stores abound. Temporary container type housing litter the landscape and such is the overflow of workers the Route Inn hotel chain is also full of workers from out of town. Once again when the workers go, will there be a city that can survive without the temporary population?

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