Breaking (News) the bank


What a joke. The Turnbull Coalition would seem to be looking to increase the debt ceiling another $100bn. Instead of focusing on sensible fiscal repair (unpleasant truths) he’ll focus on handouts (comforting lies) to make people feel better about themselves. Tonight’s budget will be full of hand outs we can ill afford. Borrow and spend has been a hallmark of Labor governments, not coalition governments. Yet Turnbull is so far down the polls that his vanity will cause the spigots to be turned on full. There is a video doing the rounds of PM Turnbull and Treasurer Morrison rehearsing the budget speech – it is so fake, contrived as to make a manager’s speech about how good things are to staff a week before commencing mass layoffs. The audience doesn’t believe a word of the bullshit bingo. Taking them for fools is perhaps the best way to alienate them further. Watch Turnbull’s numbers tank.

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