When the safety car shows off


You have to wonder sometimes. The safety car should by rights be the one setting examples for the racers for cool heads and responsible conduct. At the Jerez Circuit, former Moto 500cc racer Uncini (who almost died in an horrific acccident with Wayne Gardner) wiped out the safety car between the races. This was so expected. I went to Motegi MotoGP race in 2014 and saw the pace car showboating and sure enough the driver spun into the gravel trap at corner 2. Perhaps the irony is that Uncini grew up in the uncontrollable and temperamental 2-stroke era which required nerves of steel. Although the BMW M5 comes with every conceivable driver aid along with the 570hp engine somehow switching the aids off resulted in a write off. Although perhaps a good metaphor for the EU – an aging Italian pilot driving a German car into  a Spanish crash barrier.

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