Le Pen vs Macron – Post election followers


Several days ago I noted that the Twitter following of Emmanuel Macron had experienced the strongest follower growth with Marine Le Pen in second. That was the result. On Facebook the growth differential had Macron in 3rd. Looking at the outcome of the day before the election and the day after the result we see that Macron grew 30,251 followers vs Le Pen’s 20,644. On Facebook we see that Le Pen has grown 41,279 and Macron 30,996 although as a percentage, Macron has grown 12% vs 3% for Le Pen.


In any event, Twitter was more accurate and Macron would seem to carry the advantage. One thing we can say is that the establishment has been thumped again. Surely Eurocrats will breathe a sigh of relief but it is somewhat irrelevant. The outcome of May 7 will have no bearing on the ultimate demise of the EU. If the EU is constantly having to fight fires to justify its legitimacy it is clearly not deserved to rule the continent. Will keep tabs on the lead up to May 7. At this stage advantage Macron if we assume Twitter is more accurate.

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