Social media & Paris shooting impact on French Presidential Election followers


Another senseless premeditated murder in Paris. Condolences to the family. This isn’t to be accepted as a normal way of life for the French. At a time when the French Presidential election looms social media following and activity jumped. Looking at the impacts of Facebook followers after the event saw the above increases. Interestingly on Twitter, Macron saw an 8,000 jump, Melenchon around 6,200 and Le Pen apporoximately 5,700. Le Pen still holds a commanding lead in both social media forums over Melenchon. Likes and shares are relatively even between the two top runners. Unlike opinion polls which ask maybe 1,000 people, social media platform growth does give an underlying sense of mood. Le Pen’s lead should be cause for concern in certain quarters. Financial markets seem glued to opionion polls and group think. Fillon is calling for a suspension of the election. Sad to see politicians use a murder as political capital to salvage some extra campaign days.




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