Twitter Twitter on the wall, who has the most followers of them all? Le Pen way in front.


In the year leading to a Trump White House, I surmised that his Twitter following was an ominous sign. The UK and Canadian elections as well as Brexit showed the same type of correlation. Trump was growing his audience at almost twice the rate of Hillary Clinton since the primaries. I have just looked at the French Presidential candidates and their Twitter following and Le Pen not only has more than everyone else she has more than Macron and Fillon combined. It is by no means an exact science but the correlations to date have given us Trump, Brexit, Trudeau and the Tories. Le Pen is not a long shot by any measure and as it stands it looks to be a face off between the far right and far left.

The Twitter followings are:

Marine Le Pen – 1,383,275

Jean-Luc Melenchon – 1,095,451

Emmanuel Macron – 647,916

Francois Fillon – 498,304

Benoit Hamon – 372,082

Vive La Twitter? We should remind ourselves how unreliable the betting agencies have been on politics – recall Paddy Power paid out on Hillary Clinton one month before the election. Follow the Tweets!

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