Tory Tory Hallelujah


PM Theresa May has called for a snap election on June 8th. The PM clearly thinks there is little chance of losing. In her opinion she wants another full term to push through Brexit uninhibited under her own mandate. We should remind ourselves of the referendum map. Much of Labour’s heartland in the Midlands voted for Brexit and safe seats are likely to fall like dominoes given Corbyn’s party stands for the EU. Corbyn has a broken party which still looks in disarray. Scotland should also see the SNP with much to lose given their poor stewardship.

The most recent YouGov poll has Theresa May’s Conservatives on 44 per cent – almost double Labour’s 23 per cent, the biggest lead at any point in almost a decade. The idea that those that voted ‘remain’ have a chance to right wrongs are kidding themselves. We are guaranteed to see reruns of polls showing the majority want to change their minds. As far as those that voted ‘leave’ the majority will continue to support that move. Labour is the only party that could upset May but it is hard to see how its muddled policies can avoid a rout. The Lib Dems will fight on a Remain ticket and may be a dark horse but the idea that Britain will U-turn on Brexit is highly unlikely. Article 50 has been triggered.


With the French presidential election around the corner one suspects a strong showing by Le Pen will only drive the conviction for a harder Brexit. Brits are well aware of what is at stake and none of the doomsaying in the lead up to Brexit has happened. No economic calamity and the FTSE has soldiered on.

The Guardian’s headlines speak the mood quite well:

“I never thought that I would feel sorry for Jeremy Corbyn, but today I do.”

“Farron is arguably the weakest leader the Lib Dems have had in years”

“For Labour the news is nothing but good. An election under Jeremy Corbyn is certain to be painful. But by autumn its sad flirtation with the archaic left should be over. A new era under a new leader can dawn.”

“Theresa May in Downing Street sounded like Turkey’s authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Give me the unfettered authority to secure the Brexit I want, she said. Any attempt to stand in my way is disruptive and frivolous. So give me the power to act in the name of the people against parliament’s interference.”

If anything one must feel pity for the Brits having to take a 3rd vote in 2 years. May should so this comfortably. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on June 8. Would hate to see that as an excuse to ask for another election on a sunny day to hopefully change the result.

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