Christians in the U.K., including Prime Minister Theresa May, are speaking out in protest against the National Trust’s and Cadbury’s decision to remove “Easter” from its egg hunt campaign. What is it with the West and its thinking that somehow denying one’s identity somehow wins acceptance of the people they are afraid of offending. It is in a word – pathetic. I would imagine most from other faiths aren’t in the least bit worried about Christians being Christians. Once again corporates are acting as enforcers of political correctness. While some people say corporates are well within their rights to take political stands, moves like the acceptance rings risk discriminating against employees who may not wish to have their political views aired in public. For corporates to think their views speak for all employees should look at their own laws on appropriate workplace behavior. Do one’s privately held political views actually affect one’s ability to do a job? No. Will someone who is strongly encouraged to adopt a corporate doctrine in public that is completely irrelevant to doing the tasks feel vulnerable if they don’t feel comfortable doing it? Likely.

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