Corporate virtue signalling on gay marriage


Since the end of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) Qantas shares have not headed north of the level seen in 1999. That is right, Qantas shares can’t gain higher altitude than that. Yet, the company is pushing virtue signaling alongside ANZ, Airbnb, Google, Fairfax Media and FOXTEL to wear gay marriage acceptance rings (pictured) until same sex marriage is legalized. To be honest I just wish they’d have the plebiscite and be done with this. The idea is to distribute these acceptance rings to guests, clients and travellers. I suppose were someone to politely decline to wear one they’d undoubtedly be branded homophobic, bigoted and summarily ostracized for such expressing such views. That they may indeed support gay marriage but not feel it important enough in their list of priorities (mortgages, job security, kid’s school, health etc) to do more. That is a conscious choice. Fail to wear the ring and perhaps your career takes a turn for the worse all because you don’t want to be forced to outwardly express your political views. 1st in SEO’s CEO is ringing alarm bells in my head over forcing people to bend to the will of their masters. On November 10th 1st in SEO’s CEO Matt Blanchard wrote:

“America has elected Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, fascist, to be our next president. 1st In SEO will no longer do business with any person that is a registered Republican or supports Donald Trump. 1st In SEO will also not do business with business interests that support either the Republican Party or Donald Trump. 1st In SEO obviously has no actual means of determining our clients’ or prospective clients’ political standing. We will rely on the integrity of the men and women who are our clients currently to find another Search Engine Optimization provider if they are Republicans, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump. If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st In SEO and we ask you to leave our firm.”

Pretty much everyone is aware of gay marriage yet this is the type of stunt which looks to force acceptance. Yes, the world is changing but when will people learn that ramming views down peoples’ throats has the opposite effect. If people truly cared about the issue they would volunteer their feelings rather than have corporates espouse ideologies that were never requested with the product or service on offer.

Some corporates have the highest levels of double standards when it comes to political crusades. Please click here on the numerous examples of them.

Have the plebiscite. Give all people a say. Even if the outcome reflects the polls and is deemed a waste of taxpayer dollars so be it. That is democracy. Please do it ASAP so I don’t need to have corporates virtue signal in my face. If CEOs feel so passionately about politics maybe they should come down from their multi-million dollar ivory towers and run for office for a fraction of the pay. Now that IS the best way to show you truly back the cause (of course assuming people would vote you into office).

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