Get out of jail free in Victoria


You have to wonder whether the Victorian judicial system has been channeling Oscar Wilde’s “every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future”? How they can give Akon Mawien, an 18-yo with supposed links to the Apex Gang and one who pleaded guilty to armed robbery, aggravated burglary and theft to the value of $200,000 a 12-month suspended sentence is beyond me? Judge Liz Gaynor agreed his crimes were appalling but believed Mawien showed good prospects of rehabilitation but thought putting him in an adult prison might lead him to be broken. Judge Gaynor even added “This is a young man of exemplary background (given his mentoring role as a language assistant in the Mother of God school and activity with a local cricket club).”

So provided he is a good boy for 12 months, our court system is happy for such an individual to remain a ‘role model.’ Does Her Honour believe that somehow giving a confessed criminal a suspended sentence somehow sends a message to gang members to see sense and give up their felenous ways? If anything what a wonderful way to show that crime does indeed pay by way of leniency. Do parents at the Mother of God school want their children mixing with someone like this?

Will he serve 100s of hours of menial community service? Will he be required to wear a tag? Will he required to or assist in the return of the $200,000 he helped steal? It would appear that the court may well turn a blind eye.

This smacks of an apologist judicial system. I am sure some others would have had the book thrown at them. Then again when a migrant tried unsuccessfully to set fire to a petrol station the Victorian Police chose to do nothing because he failed, no one was hurt and they couldn’t spare the time.

What world do we live in where the perpetrators are turned into the victims and we end up blaming our shortcomings in society for their failure to assimilate? That is right we punish ourselves and muzzle common sense figuring its easier to jail good citizens for speaking the truth than make examples of people who knowingly break the very laws set to protect society. Madness. If Mawien stole a candy bar I could understand but this is the sentence for armed robbery, aggravated burglary and theft? If he reforms perhaps we should award him an Order of Australia. 2018 Australian of the Year?

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