Worst excuse in the wrong country


As we move into the second official Premium Friday a Kobe based fire fighter has made a terrible excuse to his superiors for over-sleeping. He claims he was kidnapped by an unknown man on Christmas Day (Santa?). Yet an investigation found it to be, unsurprisingly implausible in such a safe country. He was reprimanded for telling lies over being late for his shift but thought the excuse would pass. Interestingly in an International Journal of Preventitive Medicine article titled, Sleep Quality of Professional Firefightersit stated,

“Firefighting is a unique job with contradictious demands that expose firefighters to many well documented causal factors of sleep debt…According to these studies, 59% of the US professional firefighters and more than 70% of Changhua firefighters in China had poor sleep quality.”

Although age was a factor to sleep deprivation among firefighters, there should be no shame in  suffering from it. I feel for those that put their lives on the line for others. It is a shame that the person in question had to plunge to such shallow waters to avoid being hosed by the boss. He has ended up being a victim of his own backdraft.

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