Gladiator in arena consilium capi


Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty states: “The Union shall develop a special relationship with neighbouring countries, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness founded on the values of the Union and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation.”

For all of the bullying talk from Merkel, Verhofstadt and Juncker post PM Theresa May’s Article 50 letter the harsh realities of writing a doctrine in such a cocksured way based on the assumption no one would leave is ironic to say the least.

As much as the Lisbon Treaty speaks to friendly cooperation it has never stopped the EU from ignoring its own charter when it suits. Perhaps the  EU should heed Seneca, “Gladiator in arena consilium capi” – “The gladiator is formulating his plan in the arena” or essentially “Too late.”

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