President Trump – stop texting while driving


If there was ever a time people wanted a president to keep his eye on the road it’s now. He won the election on a ticket to drain the swamp. While many Americans are celebrating having an anti-establishment character at the steering wheel in order to drive out of it, a growing number are no doubt feeling his tweeting is causing him to wade in it unnecessarily. Let Congressional testimonies sort out who said what, who tapped who and who deserves to have the book thrown at them. Wild accusations detract from his presidency and giving the press ammunition by not doing the basics as expected of a head of state will leave only yourself to blame if proven otherwise . There are plenty of reasons to support many changes you are/will introduce but you’ll get to where you want to go much faster if you just keep your eyes on the road. The faster your approval ratings will improve too. After the joint sessions speech he should be much higher than he is (I was wrong). For once he looked truly presidential. Now he is back to his old antics and all that does is detract from any good work he is doing. So stop texting and start driving Mr President. Your country needs you.


  1. Michael – I am afraid it is too late. I think Trump, as I just posted on FB, has to go for the good of the country. He, as you said, is back to his childish antics. His narcissism prevents him from acting like a n adult. He may have some decent messages but he is the wrong messenger.


    1. It is indeed an experiment that was always understood by those putting him in the job. He’s addressing the issues of constituents but they don’t need the BS in between


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