Crystal Clear Fear


I still keep reading article after article on how the Dutch election was a clear win for the EU. Even Merkel is out there clinking champagne glasses at the crystal clear vote of confidence in the EU. The irony of all of this is simple. If the EU had confidence in its own legitimacy it wouldn’t need to say a word yet it is using every form of media at its disposal to shout out to the people “don’t worry, nothing to see here.” That only elevates to the voting population how frightened they are. Instead of seeing the sharp shift to the right in The Netherlands the fact Wilders didn’t take the PM is somehow seen as a bold rejection. His best result to hope for was the largest opposition party – job done. Wilders ceded seats back to Rutte when the PM made a more palatable restricted immigration a party platform. The Right won the day. The Left was bludgeoned. Fact. As I wrote yesterday forming a coalition has traditionally been a long drawn out affair and is expected this time to be even longer. I’m not sure what is crystal clear about that Mrs Merkel.

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