One Nation’s rise is easy to stop. Representing constituents might be a good start. Not being quadruple parked another!


How long will it take for the mainstream media to learn that it is lacking legitimacy by the day? Although the LNP was whipped in the recent Western Australian election on mostly state issues, the press have rushed into a frenzy to hammer the supposed poor performance of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party. The irony here is that regardless of whether one likes her style of politics she did extremely well in the Legislative Assembly (upper house) garnering more votes than The Greens. She may take up to four seats. That was done despite a pretty poorly run campaign, a preference deal with the Libs, misspelt placards and a host of other  pre-election gaffes (vaccinations etc) by Hanson herself.

With the Liberals lurching further to the centre left at a federal level and offering little palpable change to the Labor Party, those on the ‘conservative’ side are clearly seeing One Nation as the closest thing that represents them in the form of a protest vote. Indeed it is the Greens who should be panicking. You don’t have to be a One Nation supporter to understand the appeal. The reality is that she is far more polished than the fish’n’chips owner from Ipswich of 20 years ago. She is one of the few politicians that speaks her mind without fear or favour unlike the spineless major parties. That isn’t an endorsement per se but cold hard reality. Rather we are now beholden to two major parties who are in a race to the bottom. That being less atrocious than the opposition is somehow an achievement worthy of congratulation not censure. Were the LNP and ALP to stand for something, Pauline Hanson would be well down the field. She is simply flypaper to disorientated once party faithful. Looking from afar neither party is holding on to them. More like Pauline Dyson.

Voters aren’t stupid and are more politically promiscuous than ever. If politicians betray the very reasons voters put them in office they shouldn’t be surprised to find themselves pinned under a steam roller by the time the next election comes. Having voted Liberal since having the right to vote, this is a party that no longer represents anything worthy of further support, stuck in a none-of-the-above frame of mind. The LNP is headed (not led) by a Prime Minister who is more about tweeting a chat with celebrities like Elon Musk as a way of showing he is ‘with the times’. A PM who instead of supporting his state colleagues (even in defeat) on Election Day chose to stay as far away as possible drinking beers on the Betoota Advocate not realizing he was being mocked beyond belief. The pints of beer that kept stacking up in front of him was an Australian way of saying Turnbull is a lightweight.


I remember when then LNP PM John Howard saw off One Nation by making sure he took the sensible parts to Hanson’s platform and adopted them as his own. What strikes me today is that political correctness has gotten so bad that neither party is willing to take any risks. The LNP would win back the disillusioned voters were Turnbull replaced by someone that would take the sensible bits of Hanson’s platform and perhaps soften the rhetoric to be more palatable to a greater number. I wonder who that might be? Actually the person the media is most afraid of making a return. Tony Abbott.

As for now I won’t be the least bit surprised to see One Nation take the spoils. The upcoming QLD election should have them shoot the lights out.

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