Bill Leak, a master of free speech passes away


The Australian cartoonist Bill Leak has died today aged 61. His cartoons were always provocative and as much as he was vilified for what he drew, there can be no doubting he always hit the proverbial nail on the head. Often accused of racism or hate speech, if you ever saw or heard Bill Leak he was far from that. He just believed in free speech and while he was asked to explain what was the message behind his cartoons by the ridiculous joke that is the Australian Human Rights Commission he’d simply reply that they spoke for themselves. Here is his last cartoon which ridiculed the downplaying of threats made to the new principal by several ex-students of  Punchbowl High School, one of 19 schools listed as in danger of ‘radicalisation’ Leak always made you think.


Bill Leak  won nine Walkley awards and 19 Stanley awards for his work, and was twice awarded News Corp’s cartoonist of the year. Rest in peace. Condolences to his family.

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