Equal opportunity crossings


Good to see Victoria continue in its traditions of ramming things down citizens’ throats. They plan to introduce an equal number of female traffic light crossing signs to fix the brazenly sexist imbalance. I have a question, does the average female waiting at the traffic lights feel her rights are severely impinged by looking at a male crossing sign? Why not introduce a set of lights that is only allowed to be crossed by females. Make men walk an extra 2 blocks to cross to remind them of how they’ve oppressed women for decades. Wait a minute, maybe some religions may feel violated to have to cross looking at women. Why not LGBT crossings? The City of Linz in Austria tried to introduce gay traffic lights, even spending 63,000 euros to fight it in court only to be criticized for wasting taxpayers money. One councilor said, “Traffic lights are for traffic and should not be misused to impart advice on how to live your life” 

Andrew Bolt correctly pointed out that perhaps the Committee for Melbourne should address its own gender imbalance before trying to tell everyone else to do the same. It’s board has 7 men and 4 women.

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