You have to hand it to the EU. Helping to frame Le Pen actually accelerates their demise


I’ve always held that the EU is out of touch. Now that Brexit has awoken them from their deep slumber, they seem hell bent on stopping anything that risks the end of their supranational powers. How stupid do they take the citizens of the members states for? That she NOW risks being prosecuted for posting pictures of ISIS beheadings in 2015, something that provides proof as to why she pushes the platform she does. If it was such a terrible crime why did they choose to do nothing at the time (i.e. 2015) ? Could it be they finally see her taking the French presidency and with that her anti-EU stance.

Responding to a request from the French judiciary, the EU MEPs in the legal affairs committee voted to lift her immunity, EU officials said. The committee’s decision will have to be backed by EU parliament in a second vote, possibly Friday. There is no need for the EU to meddle in the affairs of the French election.

Ms Le Pen’s immunity shields her from prosecution and lifting it would permit legal action against her. The offence being considered is “publishing violent images,” which can carry a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a fine of €75,000.

Whether one likes her brand of politics or not, there is no way that this can be viewed by Europeans as the EU abiding and abetting a stitch up. To me that shows their true colours once again.

The other day Dutch PVV head Geert Wilders suspended all appearances on his election campaign amid a scandal over alleged security leaks to a Dutch-Moroccan gang that could compromise his safety. Was this a mere ‘security’ oversight by the DBB?

Such actions are only accelerating the demise of the EU. The citizens of increasingly impoverished states are sick of the status quo and being told how they have to behave. Voices like Le Pen should sound as a warning to the EU of its own failing incompetence, not criticize the French for making her #1 in the polls. For indeed if the EU functioned as a mere trade bloc as opposed to a federalist government then perhaps Le Pen would not be so far up the ticket.

Then again desperate acts like this now show even more so the state of panic in the hallways and corridors of the EU bureaucracy. After all Juncker said this week on the future of the EU parliament, “S**t. What do you want us to do?”

It is easy to see why – look at how Le Pen tore strips off Stephen Sackur’s weak arguments on Hard Talk.


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