Boozing with some bankers


I spent an evening boozing with some bankers at a mate’s 50th birthday bash. Inevitably the subject of The Donald arose. One question that was thrown at me among the brokers assembled was Trump was one stage removed from a dictator by shutting out LA Times, NYT, Politico and CNN from press conferences. My response was threefold;

1) nothing is really gleaned from Sean Spicer in a presser anyway

2) President  Trump is a media whore. By shutting out three or four pathetically biased news agencies will change nothing given messages will be disseminated by a plethora of other (smaller) avenues

3) I disagree with Trump’s move much like I am of most #hashtagboycottxxxx movements. I think consumers/viewers/readers are already voting with their intentions and ratings for the majors have been sliding without DT’s help. Trump doesn’t need to do this because self inflicted stupidity is already caning the main stream outlets.

I did find brokers, in spite of their dislike for Trump, remain upbeat with markets.My response was simple, “markets are backing him so media outlet snubbing is irrelevant…be thankful he’s buying you time in your dead end careers!” To a person, they smirked in admission (submission).

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