Germany will ultimately pay whether Union members stay or refugees leave


England. Yes. Australia. Certainly. Germany? No way. Germany is one of the few nations that could be criticized for doing a half-arsed job but sadly Merkel continues to trip, fall and stumble on the back of her misguided altruism.

Just go through the logic. Invite everybody, then realize you misread many of your citizens wishes and now using their money to clean up a problem that never would have had to happen had she thought about contingencies. €90mn is being put on the table to bribe asylum seekers (80% are economic refugees according to Eurostat) to leave. You can’t make this stuff up. Think of what €90m would have bought in real benefits to genuine refugees now being splurged on the opportunistic. To be honest €90mn is a rounding error for Germany but it’s the principle of it all. Sadly it doesn’t count the billions spent on extra policing, intelligence, public services, welfare and the social cost to a growing number of Germans.

Her reelection is looking more troubled by the day. Although voting in Martin Schulz who left his EU presidency to take advantage of Merkel’s sliding popularity.won’t give Germans any more comfort. He’ll be more of the same. The AfD is still too young to take the Chancellor role but it has the power to influence which is already evidenced by Merkel’s latest stunt.

Germany is another country like America hiding behind low unemployment numbers. It didn’t work for Clinton and we shouldn’t rule out populist surprises in the election that may not show up in the polls. 18% of Germans are now employed by the government, twice the 2006 level. It might be the most powerful country in Europe but that is like Fuji Film boasting it was better than bankrupt Kodak. The sad reality is that total returns for Kodak shareholders was higher than Fuji Film despite going to the wall.

The point here is that being the chief of a crumbling empire means the weaklings that are left will need more incentives to remain which ironically puts more onus on a disgruntled Germany taxpayer to support others whether they stay or leave. Let that sink in.

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