Kagoshima Koalas having kool-aid killed off by kold klimate


Kagoshima’s koalas are not amused. The much colder than average temperatures experienced in January this year has seen their beloved eucalyptus crops harvest 20-30% less volume than in 2016. Over 100 of the 500 eucalyptus trees have been damaged.

Perhaps Mr Turnbull can launch a mercy flight to rescue these Australian citizens stuck in Japan to help boost his flagging poll numbers at home and with PM Abe. Surely Australia will boost its standings in the world to help this minority which probably doesn’t require too much vetting!!

Taronga Zoo…are you aware? Best you handle it I think – a fantastic fund raising opportunity too – zoology is a truly global business. Don’t expect the Hirakawa Zoo in Kagoshima in the southern island of Kyushu to jump on the phones just yet to call for emergency supplies. This article was published in the Minami Nihon Shinbun in Kagoshima on Feb 5, 2017. #savekagoshimakoalas

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