Free speech vs Insubordination


I think many people are misconstruing free speech with insubordination. Whether some government agencies like it or not, using the official sites/Twitter  of their agency to bait their boss (the President) is downright irresponsible. If you deliberately sent your own views to the firm’s clients contrary to your boss’ wishes in the private sector you would face a strong reprimand, a warning letter or at worst the sack. Your company rules probably have sections on confidentiality which gag you. Why should it be different in the public sector?

A friend Of mine Joel pointed out:


I am sure many of you have seen the reports circulating about some civil servants in some of the government agencies setting up non-official Twitter accounts to disseminate information that is not officially approved. Or using government accounts to send out non-approved messages.

Anonymously, of course.

So, predictably, the progressives are applauding this “resistance”. But of course.

Because, of course, when it is in pursuit of what they believe is a noble cause, anything is permitted.

Now, for Civics 101.

The government agencies are part of the Executive Branch.

Their boss is the President.

That means that these civil servants are engaging in insubordination.

Not whistleblowing. Whistleblowing is with regards to illegal activities. Not differences on policy matters.

If these civil servants feel this strongly, they should resign and then do what they are going to do, subject to confidentiality restrictions.

In the private sector, if people did this, they would be fired. For cause. For insubordination and probably for unauthorized dissemination of confidential internal materials.

And rightly so.

The ends do not justify the means.

I hope they find the people doing them. And fire them. For cause.

And for anyone that defends what they are doing, consider if someone in Obama’s DOJ or EPA had done this?? To oppose Obama’s policies. I guarantee that you and all progressives would be screaming bloody murder.

Find these insubordinates and fire them!”

Indeed free speech and respecting protocols are two completely separate things. Why don’t the CIA tweet ahead of time which targets they are going to take out because they disagree with POTUS’ call on Mr. Terry Wrist and want to give him a head start. Perhaps secret service people should be able to speak freely about their activities.

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