Why trash Starbucks or BoA?


It doesn’t surprise me to see ignorant people take a free opportunity to needlessly destroy public and private property but perhaps intolerant liberals should be given a fact sheet to stop them kicking own goals, especially corporations that actually support their causes.

Take Starbucks, which often flaunts its progressive policies on customers. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz loves to make its customers swallow political views along with its burnt brew. They ditched Christmas cups for red cups and introduced unity cups ahead of the election. I really wish corporates would butt out of politics. When I buy any product I just want the good inside the packet. I don’t pay for a company to sell me (even if for free) their beliefs. Their mission statement is as follows.


With our partners, our coffee and our customers at our core, we live these values:

Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.

Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.

Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect.

Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

We are performance driven, through the lens of humanity.

Whichever way you cut it why did masked disgruntled liberals smash up the home side?

Same for Bank of America. The Clinton Foundation was a major recipient of Wall St donations , including BoA. So why smash its windows?

Legitimate protests have a place when conducted peacefully and legally. Yes, protests require a permit to ensure public safety and allow police to plan resources.

Vandalism is what it is. Regardless of how much they may hate all that Trump stands for elections are won and lost democratically by the electoral college system. Whether Clinton had 3mn more votes is irrelevant- that is the same as saying a gridiron team made more yards but lost where it mattered on the scoreboard. When they wear masks to hide their identity there can only be one rational reason for it. To create havoc. Of course were they true believers in their cause of ‘love trumps hate’ or ‘when they go low, we go high’ they’d gladly show their faces as the true moral high ground crusaders they purport to be. Sadly their true colours were on display and even more telling they have no concept of what they’re attacking.


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