3 things about the inauguration


Three things stood out. One didn’t. First President Trump’s speech was highly predictable (albeit accurate in many areas) but his delivery was trademark.  He is not a good orator. No surprises. To the three stand out things.

1) the lack of intelligence of many fashion designers not to leap at the chance of using First Lady Melania as a walking billboard. She looked absolutely stunning. Not her fashion model looks per se but her coat and gloves actually stole the show from Mr President himself. .

2) Rioters. Did they really think that destroying public and private property made them look smart? If anything they scored a succession of own goals. There’s only one group of people to be upset with – themselves. A fairly democratically elected president won and their behavior smacks of their own hubris.

3) Do people on social media think about the lifelong digital footprint they leave? I read comments from people begging he be assassinated, to his son being autistic and there as protection from being knocked off to a host of other expletive laden insults. I’m not easily offended and I’d wager 90% of what is written is heat of the moment and most likely idle threats it really brings out the worst in people.

Now let us see how quickly he goes about fulfilling his promise “to never let down the American people”. Of course he won’t live up to all of his promises but I honestly think his ego will actually be most flattered if he delivers on what he says. Think about it. He already has billions so there is little point using his office to add a few. It will be messy at times but provided he is given a chance to Make America Great Again I think he’ll try his best to fulfill it. I do think he is genuine in that vision even if his methods won’t be orthodox, which to be frank is actually a comforting thing. No more putting lipstick on a pig.

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