An end in horror is preferable to horror without end


Whether reading CNN’s somewhat hopeful report on how Dems could remain in power if Trump and Pence were assassinated at today’s inauguration or more bleating tweets and posts from liberals demanding ‘good Americans’ rise up and challenge tyranny I am left shaking my head. The playing of the man not the ball has achieved nothing and goes to prove how they’ve learnt nothing. It is also getting tiring. So much of the negativity carries baseless claims which are cut to fit narratives. I listened to Warren and Sanders rattle off loaded statements to Trump’s health and education picks which weren’t questions but deliberate attempts to belittle them in the face of their own policy failings.

Putting partisan politics to one side, the world is living on vapors. I’ve described countless times that central banks and governments have painted themselves into a corner of their own making. For almost two decades, we’ve been kicking the can down the road. The amount of group think is incredible. How can central banks operate negative and zero rate policies and question why economies aren’t reacting? They continue to buy toxic and other assets which have gotten to such extremes that markets are plain manipulated. A market’s true function is to provide a ‘clearing’ price for buyers and sellers. Yet, all central banks have created is more asset bubbles with hugely negative long term consequences.

Governments have been riding on the coat tails of central bank policy. These supposed independent institutions have allowed politicians to absolve their own responsibility by building up a debt edifice to put us in more fiscal danger. Poorly guided spending and a large uptick in the number of public servants worldwide allows at least on the surface the ability to boast lower unemployment numbers and other statistics that allow self congratulations.

Yet the big problem of this myopic thinking is simple. Brexit and Trump have shown the flaws out of touch liberal policies have had on their citizens. At some stage the economics stop reaching a growing number. Seemingly sensible regulation at the time ends up choking business and causing Main Street to face growing hardship. Yes it is so easy to claim Trump’s victory was a revolt by angry white men. Perhaps if Clinton had visited the struggle towns of Scranton or Detroit during the campaign then perhaps she could have reached out to those really hurting and won swing states. That was Trump’s success. He made a point of visiting places that were hurting. He listened to their cries. He won legitimately despite insurmountable opposition from the Democrats, many from within the party he represented and the mainstream media. For all the criticism of him being an idiot, bigot, racist and every other negative he earns the top job this evening.

He is certainly not without faults. However spending the next 4 years whining about what he Will or won’t do will solve nothing. Many voices are hoping he is impeached within a few years. A world in as fragile state as this does not need political instability in the world’s biggest economy. China is in poor shape, Japan muddles less effectively along and the Eurozone is a heartbeat from imploding under the weight of a growing number of disaffected member states. Elections in France, Holland, Italy and Germany will have profound impacts. Even if the AfD doesn’t win in Germany, recent state elections are forcing the hand of politicians like Merkel to wake up and adopt a tougher stance. We don’t need a change at the helm to force change. The message of parties that listen to the disaffected will continue to grow.

The age of entitlement is over. The era of victimology is over. The world can’t withstand anymore political correctness. It is not solving anything other than create the very opposite of what it claims to provide.

So we can either wake up and prepare for harsher times ahead with a sense of duty and common sense or we can default to what we continue to do, wait for it all to collapse and expect someone else to pay for it. The choice is ours and I fear we are going the completely wrong way about it. There is no safe space where we are heading. Perhaps the only positive picture I can conjure up is that the wake up call when it all goes pear shaped will make Trump-whining so passé. It will be the harshest medicine but a dosage that will snap us out of this nightmare where an end in horror will trump horror without end.

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