Disrespect invites disrespect indeed


There is an old Jewish proverb which goes along the lines of “Slander slays three people: the speaker, the spoken to, and the spoken of”  I won’t for a second defend Trump’s locker-room talk or whatever but the champagne socialist celebrity class are the kings/queens of ‘disrespect.’ From the ones that threatened to leave the country, to stitching up VP-elect Mike Pence at Hamilton, one thing we do know is that their love of country is utterly  “conditional.”

Liberals and celebrity SJWs have been playing the man not the ball since even before the election was lost. Their snide arrogance about the impossibility of a Trump presidency showed how out of touch they truly are in their multi million dollar gated mansions. I’m sure they’re not feeling the pain of Detroit which has seen its population shrink from a third or Atlantic City in half.

They happily sit by and watch the most disgraceful exit of any sitting President in history and say nothing. Obama’s complete land mining of the White House lawns are evidence of that. Michelle Obama’s speech about “what it feels like to have no hope” is no better yet liberals want to support her for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Excuse me but isn’t this “disrespect” of the highest order? What was that about when they go low, we go high?

I have always believed that your behaviour leaving a job is more important than starting it. It isn’t an image thing but about dignity. The Dems lost this election because they overlooked the very people they claim to support. In fact how terrible a candidate did Clinton have to be on the basis of Obama’s untouchable legacy to lose to a candidate who threw verbal punches. Like it or not he read the mood of the country better. He was visiting the afflicted areas not cozying up at $1,000 plate lunches of elites. Some may call him an idiot but if one is totally outplayed who are the real fools?

If you want to get a picture of respect, look how quickly corporate America is snapping to attention at his comments. Boeing, Lockheed, Ford, GM, Carrier etc are seeing their share prices hit on the basis of gouging the American people (whether business savvy decisions or not) and he hasn’t even got his shoes under the desk

Make  no mistake, I have less respect for people who bury their judgement and act in the most hypocritical manner and seek to create division by looking to sabotage the inauguration and refuse service to people who voted democratically because their opinions differ. I’m sure being buried under a rock financially while working two jobs is not the American dream. Trump is still yet to take office. He’ll make mistakes but if liberals keep up their misguided hatred while in office it will be they not him that create problems.

If celebrities were true to the country they’ve made their fortunes in at the very least they could encourage unity not division. I think Meryl Streep is a fine actress but she should pay respect to the Trump and Clinton voters who would love to live her comfortable  way of life.


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