When our protectors play the victim


I am amazed that these two – Merkel and Hollande – can continue on with the same rhetoric despite the atrocities committed in their countries. I have a simple idea for them, one which legitimate asylum seekers will rapidly and completely endorse – have a zero tolerance policy of immediate and automatic deportation should “any” crime be committed. That way you can appeal to your humanitarian side and at the same time deal with a crime wave that you are having to bury by media blackouts and gagging/restricting the police.

Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are completely at odds with the customs and values the politicians wish to celebrate (in fact they really don’t because they punish those who protest having to give up unnecessary freedoms) as taking the moral high ground. Taking the moral high ground only matters if the people they seek to persuade have morals. They don’t. Virtue signaling does zero. Let’s look at the NYE speeches of Merkel and Hollande.

Part of the transcript from Chancellor Merkel on NYE:

“As we pursue our lives and our work, we tell the terrorists: They are murderers full of hatred, but it’s not they who determine how we live and want to live…We are free, humane, open. Together, we are stronger. Our state is stronger.”

Part of the transcript from President Hollande on NYE:

“In five months you will make a choice … France is open to the world, it is European, it is fraternal. How can we imagine our country huddled behind walls, reduced to its only domestic market, returning to its national currency and in addition, discriminating against its children according to their origins?”

Cllr Merkel, murderers shouldn’t influence how people live but to tell your citizens to be nice, avoid certain areas, change dress codes to avoid harassment and so on-things they never needed to do in the past- is the exact opposite of what rational people think. If visitors are invited to your home and they trash it, move the furniture and steal your TV should you just suck it up and put it down to a small minority and move on? That is what you’re effectively saying.

I’m all for compassion but believe me that does not at any stage mean a country should surrender its culture and values. Switzerland is bang on the money. They argue – if you don’t plan to assimilate to our culture we don’t want you. It’s not  racist or bigoted at all. If I invite you to my house please respect my rules. That is a global truism. Even lost tribes in South America would practice the same courtesy in neighborly dwellings.

True asylum seekers who are fleeing for their lives would not be so stupid as to ruin any chance of getting a new start. Their gratitude should be so overwhelming that committing crimes would be unthinkable. Zero tolerance is the only policy. It shouldn’t affect true refugees at all.

When I read in Sweden that 5 Afghani youths raped a 15 yo boy and filmed it, what did the authorities do? They claimed it was too dangerous to send them back to their home country? I’m sorry? They mean to tell me that a 15yo (probably traumatized for life) gets the rough end of people with no gratitude or respect for the locals? If there was any truer proof of the lack of reciprocity and gratitude for Swedes, this is it. Yet they fold because progressiveness is more important to show to themselves even if the people that should get the message don’t care.

Hollande spoke of exactly the reason why these people continue to commit crime – they don’t care for the rules of France. Because he paints them as victims, they play the victim card every time. Few would “discriminate against these children because of their origin” if you Mr President didn’t openly treat them differently. Have you realized why you have the lowest popularity of any President since WW2? What is this about hiding behind walls? You must be drinking the same punch as Juncker. Who said anything about ending trade? I’d give up some inconvenience at a border crossing for ensuring my kids were less likely to be run over by a truck or machine gunned in a cafe or eviscerated at a rock concert!

Mr Hollande, your country is found on Liberté, égalité, fraternité so don’t make your own citizens suffer a restriction on liberties, equality  and fraternity. It is not the responsibility of you to sell out the French people. Several of my Vietnamese friends in Australia were children of  boat people. Their gratitude on the whole has been reflected in their contributions to their new land. They’re friendly, polite and so willing to pay back our gratitude. Some Sudanese refugees in Australia on the other hand have formed a gang in Victoria which has been responsible for countless home invasions, car thefts, car chases and aggravated robberies to mention yet the authorities try to downplay ethnic selection. Of course not all Sudanese refugees are like the Apex gang but perpetrators  should all be sent home. Zero tolerance. Why should Australia have any sympathy? Why should Australian taxpayers bear such unnecessary costs of incarceration?  This is the same stupidity behind the prosecution of Dutch PVV leader Geert Wilders over saying Moroccan crime is too disproportionate to their numbers. It’s not racist or bigoted but statistically significant (and true). Then ask yourself why his party’s popularity surged after the conviction? The people are telling lawmakers and the judicial system “YOU’RE NOT LISTENING!!” Same as One Nation in Australia. People are sick of platitudes and empty rhetoric from spineless politicians who live in fear of negative Twitter feeds.

I’m against diversity for diversity’s sake. I’m for meritocracy all the way. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and skin colour, education level, sexual persuasion or gender aren’t on my list. In fact some of my best sales people had one key ingredient- passion – and it showed. If leaders (and I use the term loosely) keep creating more obstacles for people to hide behind them they create exactly the same outcomes they’re trying to prevent. People speak of Merkel’s economic miracle and low unemployment. Does anyone know that Germany has doubled its public sector workforce to 18% of all employees since 2006? Bigger government means preventing the private sector’s ability to create greater efficiency. I wouldn’t be surprised if the German gov’t ends up hiring refugees at the expense of its citizens. Increasing your working population to deal with an aging population is one thing. To do it with no sensible plan is another. When the proverbial hits the fan I’ll not be in the least surprised.

How they can’t see that is a mystery. Wait a minute I forgot. Seeming to good is more important than doing good with today’s politicians. “At least I tried” doesn’t cut it anymore which is again why I’m hopeful a Trump presidency that throws political correctness out the window may get things done rather than just talking about it like his soon to be predecessor.

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